How Do You Like Your iPhone Folders?

October 18, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

I’ve talked about folders on the iPhone a few times on this site. We all know how lovely they are to use. I rely on them almost exclusively on my iPhone. I keep some junk apps on the home screen. Apps like text, to do’s, calendar, etc… EVERYthing else goes into a folder and organized away. I can’t wait to get folders on the iPad. Definitely missing iOS 4 on it right now. Anyway let me show you my approach to folders on my iPhone, and see what you think about my thought process behind it.

Here is my second screen on my iPhone. It’s the only screen besides my home screen, and it houses all of the folders here. I can’t tell you any rhyme or reason to how I put apps on my homescreen, because there honestly wasn’t one, but it works for me. Some of Apple’s apps have made it into folders and others haven’t just yet. So what’s the method to my madness? In one word I would call it simplicity. In the folders I have things like photography apps, shopping apps, social networking apps, jailbreak apps (shhh), remotes, games, etc… I tried the best I could to put any app into a respectful category. I have one folder labeled reference and it has things like the kindle app, a weather app, and evernote. That may be my catch all folder if I don’t know where an app belongs.

Like I mentioned earlier I try and keep my app collection simple. If I don’t use the app that often, it’ll soon be deleted. I break my own rule on my photo apps though, I love collecting those. It’s my weakness. For instance I use to have at least 5 remote apps. I’m down to just two now, no need for 3 other apps that do the same thing. Just need to find the best and stick with it!

Here are two shots of some of my folders. The lifestyle one I’ll admit is somewhat random, but mostly includes things revolving around food, fitness, and traveling. The other folder is my second photography folder. Like I said I’m addicted to collecting those. YIKES.

Anyway, I’d like to hear what you think about folders. Also tell me your approach to organizing and using the feature. I’m all ears! Thanks for listening.

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