Has Apple Lost Their Secrecy?

May 19, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

We all know how tight lipped Apple is about their upcoming products. This is nothing new for people who have been following Apple and their rumors for awhile. It’s very curious to try and get a peek inside to peer at the inner workings of how Apple works. Let’s take the iPhone for example, it was in development for two years. At least according to Steve Jobs. People on the outside had little hints that it was coming. The domain iPhone was registered to Apple, and it only made sense that Apple would come a long and save the cellphone from the cell carriers. People working on the iPhone outside of Apple didn’t dare risk the rath of Steve Jobs for letting the cat out of the bag about this product. It was going to bring millions or billions of dollars for their company if the product is successful, and more often than not Apple is successful.

Inside Apple labs the teams were kept separate who were working on the iPhone. Just no neither team knew what the other was working on. The software team had no idea what the iPhone actually looked like and the hardware team probably had no idea what the software looked like on the iPhone. When developing the software it’s said they had a complete iPhone running inside a wooden box, just so they couldn’t leak info on what the iPhone looked like. It was apparently pretty close to this when they were working on the iPad as well.

It’s evident Apple likes to be in control of EVERYTHING. They are on the path to making everything for their computers, the hardware, software, and now even the processors. While it can seem crazy for one company to control everything so tightly, it’s this level of control that make their products work as they should. Something I definitely appreciate to a certain degree. Their computers work so smoothly and are reliable because they have a limited amount of hardware they work on and it’s very optimized to work together with only those certain sets. This level of control, of course, transfers over to their mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc… They even have a say now onto what you can install on these devices. They’ve done a pretty decent job at quality control, but some people are growing tired of it.

Still on the topic of control let’s look at how Apple loves to control the hype and marketing of their devices, especially in context of this latest iPhone prototype leak. It’ll be interesting to see the iPhone sales and how they were effected now that everybody knows about the new iPhone and will be waiting for it. It’s not a terrible thing to lose sales to another one of your devices in the big picture though. People are going to get the latest and greatest iPhone now instead of the old one. We’ll see though.

Apple wants to keep everything under wraps until it’s time for them to be hyped and marketed on their own time. Apple wants to be the ones showing off the new iPhone and all the new features they worked so hard to create and implement, and that’s why such a big product leak was such a big deal. In the end though it’s just got me very excited about the new iPhone since I’m already a 3GS owner.

With the second leak of a iPhone 4G prototype and other prototype leaks starting to happen more often, does this mean Apple’s shroud of secrecy has started to fall? Or has Steve Jobs just stopped caring? Nah, that’s not likely at all. Apparently someone inside of Apple has some loose lips and prototypes are falling out left and right. If we all know the Apple we are familiar with they’ll soon methodically weed out the people and or problems that have lead to these leaks. They’ll probably even be tighter to crack before.

I love Apple’s secrecy, it’s what makes half of their products exciting to follow. What do you think about the control and secrecy of Apple? Comments are open below!

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