Harness A Tornado With Your iPhone

May 29, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

One last game review is coming your way, but first can I say I’m so glad you put up with my rants and ramblings. I enjoy talking about the iPhone and hopefully through that everyone picks up a different insight or learns something new. But let’s get into it shall we. I think after my stint on these free games we’ll move onto something else, like photography. I’ve got some stuff on that to share soon.

This game is called Tornado Mania, and once again it is completely free. Nothing beats a free game in my opinion, especially if it comes with a relative amount of free stuff to play. Just enough to get us hooked into buying the premium, paid version of the app. This is exactly what this developer has been doing with their games. We’ve reviewed at least two other chocolate games here lately and they deserve the top spots in the app store they are earning. Anyway, Tornado Mania, this game is obviously has something to do with tornadoes and them going into mania.

Tornado Mania Loading Screen

The premise of the game is that a crazy old scientist has finally invented a tornado machine, such a machine that allows him to control tornadoes. A mechanical way of lassoing and saddling up on a tornado. Just see for yourself how crazy this machine has made him.

Tornado Mania Crazy Scientist

As you load the game you will be greeted with a screen you are familiar with in all games. There is a play now button, a button to get more games from the developer, and a button to buy the premium Tornado Mania. To the left there are the settings and help sections as well if you needed them. But just hit play first and start destroying stuff with a tornado.

Tornado Mania Home Screen

Finally we are into the game and on a rampage. There are two ways to control the tornado and they both work well. The first is that the tornado automatically spins in a clockwise circle, and if you just tap or tap and hold it will make the tornado spin the other way. This is better illustrated in the video below so be sure to check that out. The other way that you can control the tornado is with the accelerometer, but this is the least favorite of my ways to do so. The accelerometer makes it hard to control and I find the tapping method to be easier. Try both out though and see what you think.

Tornado Mania Rampage

In summary the game has one goal, control that tornado and as fast as you can destory some stuff. You can do combos, you can pick up farm animals, you can get specialities, etc… The game is over pretty quick in rampage mode, but play the career mode and you’ll be playing the game for awhile.

If you’ve played the game let me know what you thought by leaving a comment and telling me about it. If you are unsure about checking out the game then please watch the video below. Thanks again for reading and enjoy@!

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