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August 22, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

Welcome again to my wonderful world of iPhone posts. I actually have a little surprise for you at the end of this post, so if you read all of the post you will be able to see the last sentence in BOLD type and know what the surprise is. Trust me, I’ve installed code on this post that will not display the last line if you just scroll to the bottom hoping to beat everyone. You may be asking, is he for real right now? Well… I’ll never tell. Anyway you’ll get the code at the bottom of the page if you read my following review of this pretty sweet iPhone case. Let’s get started…

By the way did you know that the average human only reads around 23 words per minute? </hint>

I recently decided I wanted an iPhone case for my gorgeous iPhone 3G. But not any case would suffice. I had certain wants in my case, and I had certain needs in my case. Here are my top 3 wants/needs from an iPhone case.

  1. It must protect the back of my iPhone from scratches, debris, etc…
  2. It must be thin enough to still fit in my pocket comfortably, and in the dock.
  3. It must not make using my iPhone a pain. i.e. I can use the screen and easily push buttons.

Now if I told you I found the case that came closest to accomplishing this list, would you believe me? Well I did find a case that pulled the closest to the finish line. This case goes by the name Ultra Slim Silicone Case. It’s made by a company called More…. I think, their branding isn’t quite clear to me. Now as I’ll have you know I’m always a little leery on buying things like cases. Then throw in that you want an iPhone case you usually get some cheap knock off POS. I do have my complaints about this case but it isn’t a POS.


As you can read by the name of the case this thing is slim. They didn’t lie either, the case is really pretty slim. I didn’t need a big shockproof, waterproof, cat throw-up proof case, as some people may. I baby my iPhone and still then she gets scratched up. Anyway this case I purchased fits in my pocket and doesn’t come off…most of the time. It also fits in the dock and lets me sync and charge my iPhone. Also this case turns the slick back of the iPhone into a grippable silicone back. Pretty nice if you drop your iPhone from it being to slickery! For your information, I know that isn’t a word I just wanted to use it. So first it covered my number 2 need.


Like I said earlier I baby my iPhone, but still need simple drop and “set on my desk” protection. Since this case has a nice silicone composition it kind of helps the iPhone bounce off of things without killing, nor cracking or denting the iPhone. I even felt confident enough to take my iPhone on the lake today where it rode shotgun in a cubby hole with my camera among other fishing related items. It bounced around in there with nets, lunch meat, hooks, ponchos, etc… and came out just fine. Check number 1 off of the list.


You guessed it this case is a good case and it still lets you use your iPhone. Most cases seem to be like some sort of prison for the iPhone. The iPhone is only safe in its prison when you aren’t using it. So what I’m trying to say is that if you want your iPhone to stay safe then never use it. That’s a waste of $200 plus whatever it is you pay a month to have it. I wanted a case that would protect the iPhone as I used it. It also had to get out of the way and stay out of the way as I used my iPhone as I pleased. This case does that, making me pretty happy. Really the thing about buying a case for your iPhone is that you can still use it with the case on it, did I make that clear? I hope so…. Finally check off number 3, and this case seemed to be a good fit for me.


Of course everything isn’t perfect nor what you had in mind, so here are my drawbacks to this case. This is called honesty people. This isn’t the end of the world and this doesn’t mean I don’t like this case, so don’t get me wrong. My first drawback is that the holes cut out of the case for the dock connection, camera, and headphone seem like semi homemade cuts. Some times when I look at them they look like ameture cuts other times they look like a machine made cut. This is some kind of trick they built into this case. I just wished they’d make their cuts better. Number 2, it could be just every so slightly tighter on the iPhone. Now I’m guessing the 16GB iPhone is thicker than the 8GB? I’m not for certain right now, but if it’s true then they should make cases for their right sizes. Sometimes in my pocket this case will come off barely at a corner or by the dock. This causes difficulty in getting it out of the said pocket. I’m thinking it’s only because of the silicone though. Silicone kind of grips blue jeans.

So that’s all, my favorite things about it and some of my drawbacks. I wonder if you read any of that or just skipped ahead to the bottom. I hope you know I was kidding about the whole code to tell if you read the entire post. I don’t know if anything like that exists. I just wanted to see your reaction, although I can’t really see it. I’ll just it imagine it ok? Anyway here is the deal. I want to buy someone this Ultra Slim Silicone Case in the color of their choice. I’ll buy the case and have it shipped to you on my own dime. I haven’t asked my boss about this yet, but I’m assuming it’s fine.

There is a catch though, as always,there are a few hints I will give you, then you must give me the answer in a comment on this post. The first person wins it all baby! I wanted to do this as a token of my appreciation to you, my awesome readers. Also to see if anyone will really take me up on a free iPhone case! Only someone kinda crazy wouldn’t so here is the clue…


It’s for better or for worse, also known as my first article. follow the trail to the end, then click on something red. Make sure you read the title or description. Once completed come back and be the first to name the model and make correctly.

not too much to ask right? Now solve the mystery. Leave a comment anyway if you know what the answer is I want to see how smart you are!

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4 Responses to “Get Your Free iPhone Case Here”

  1. yessenia on August 22nd, 2008 4:05 pm

    hehehe interesting contest you got there : ) loved the rhyming

    model and make:
    canon rebel xt

    —ooooh kinda like my cammie except mine is a rebel xti hehe : )

  2. Ryan Ray on August 25th, 2008 2:36 pm

    Yessenia, great job solving my mystery! I didn’t rhyme on purpose, LOL. Anyway email me at and I’ll get you setup with this case if you want one. Thanks for the comment.

    Ps- quit bragging about your camera!! I’m glad it’s a Canon though :)

  3. yessenia on August 26th, 2008 8:06 pm

    hahaha sorry about the bragging haha : )

  4. Chea iphone case on March 19th, 2013 7:03 am

    IT’S Help for me.

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