October 8, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

If there are two things out there a lot of us can agree upon, it’s great pictures and food! Definitely at least the food part right? Well there is definitely one thing I notice among smart phone users, and that is they love to share pictures of the food they are about to ingest. Count me in on that category, I don’t know what it is but it seems like a cool thing to share. No matter if it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or what have you, there is food everywhere. What does this have to do with the iPhone? Well, read on to see this new app and social service combining food and pictures.

The app is called Foodspotting, and just as the name says helps you spot some food. Why would you want to spot food? The app does more than just show yours and others shots of food. The photos are geo tagged, and then users around you can vote, favorite, etc… The cool thing I think is the geo tagging. You can see where the food came from, then go get it if you want. There is also a little point system built into what you do with the app. Taking pictures, saying you want it, saying you’ve ate it (which they call nomming), etc… they all get you points. I haven’t found any kind of leader board yet, I also haven’t added any friends from around the area… Sadly at my house right now I need to get some groceries before I can start snapping away. Also, the app seems to be more built around local restaurants than your everyday dinner at your house. Anyway, here is what the app looks like.

Right on launch it finds pictures nearby you. You can tap on them and like, nom, get directions, add the user as a friend, etc… You can also hit spot and take your very own picture or add one from your library.

Here is my awesome stats on my profile. I only hit wanted on a case of root beer so far. Marked for future purchase! The second one is a cool guide section. This is a place where you can collect a guide of places to eat. Anthony Bourdain travels the world eating and has created one with 100 locations, HOLY COW. Expensive….

I think there is some potential packed away in this new app, definitely give it a shot. After you’ve stuffed yourself and taken hundreds of pictures let me know your opinion on the app. Or even if you think taking pictures of your food is stupid, that’s fine! Just let me know!

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