Flipbook Animation With The iPhone Pt. 2

August 18, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

If you remember waaayy back in the day when I did my first review of two flipbook animation apps, then you’ll be ready for this review today. If you haven’t read the first article then please do go back a few weeks or so and read it HERE. After writing the article the developer of the Flipbook application contacted me and wanted to send the full blown application to me to test. Of course I agreed and told him I would review this app thoroughly and I’m even posting a video at the end of the article to give you a little visual stimuli for your eyes. So I went and spent a little over a week with this app really trying to get a feel for it. I believe I got pretty friendly with it, except I keep trying to double tap to bring up my tool menu. You’ll see that in the video. Now let me go over the pluses of the app Flipbook.

The app Flipbook is made by  Josh Anon and comes in two versions. There is the FREE lite version of Flipbook, then the more beefy $9.99 version. Both of these versions are fully functional but the lite version only lets you have 2 videos with 10 frames and 2 layers at the most. Also it limits you to only uploading one video to which is one of the great things about this app. Anyway let’s get back to my 3 favorite things about this app.

#1 – Complete Control

Flipbook let’s you have control over just about everything. You’ve got a slider to choose from any brush size, and any eraser size incase you mess up. I often messed up getting the hang of touch screen drawing so that eraser was handy. You’ve got plenty of undo’s for those messups as well. Again something I needed as I suck at drawing. The colors you want to draw with are completely free to choose from. They provide you with a premade bank of colors but you can switch to the slider choice under the color options and create whatever color you want. My favorites are blues by the way. You can even pick what color you want for the background of your drawing. You can have as many frames, layers, etc… as you want. That is of course with the paid version. This app really is under your complete control, a great thing in my book. No pun intended!

#2 – Controls

The controls are well thought out and actually quite complex. At first I wasn’t used to using 3 fingers for some controls and double tapping for certain things. That quickly went away though as I got used to it. Although, like I said, I still double tap with two fingers to try and bring up the menu options. DOH! It really only takes one tap with two fingers. For instance you can change the brush size just by dragging 3 fingers up or down the screen. Up makes the brush bigger and dragging down, you guessed it, makes it smaller! Again like I just said in the paragraph before, this app gives all control over to you. There are so many things to control in this app that it can be complex but they’ve made the gestures very easy and very familiar. It takes no time to get up and running with these controls.

#3 – The Fun Element

Now you may wonder what does the app Flipbook provide for me that I should buy it? Well simply put, FUN!! Flipbook besides being easy to use is fun to use. F-U-N, fun. Despite drawing goofy animations you can also use pictures from your photo library. Once you load a picture you can draw and animate right on top of it. A feature I know many people will get a kick out of. After you’ve created your wacky animation you can upload it to the website All you need to do is create an account there and upload away. Be sure to enter your account information under the settings on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

So that covers my 3 favorite things about Flipbook. I just uploaded my iPhonenuts animation to and you can watch it HERE at that link. Also check out the demonstration in my video below. Like Josh told me this app is definitely worth $9.99. If you don’t like spending money then try out the free version and let me know what you think. I know you’ve got an opinion so let me hear it. Questions are welcome too. Also if you like this sweet website then hit up our RSS feed and get your fix of iPhonenuts as soon as it comes out. Thanks everyone.

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