Flickr’s Native App Is Real

September 9, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Rejoice, rejoice I say. The day has finally come that Flickr, a service of Yahoo, has brought us their own NATIVE app. Let me say too that this is an incredible app. After all of that searching for anything that functioned, looked, felt, like their own app they go ahead and release their own app. They sure did take their sweet time didn’t they? Well, after using it last night and some today I think I can say that it was worth the wait. If you can believe it I’ve only got one gripe about the app, and of course that is that you can’t upload multiple photos. If that’s my only complaint after more use then I sure hope Flickr adds that in, and quick! Let’s talk about the app now. By the way the app is completely free. Get IT now.

Flickr Loading Screen Flickr Main Screen

These are the first two screens you’ll see. The loading screen, then the main screen. Once you’ve signed in which you’ll see below, your homescreen has this great visual effect that scrolls through your contacts photos. It’s a cool way to see what your contacts have been shooting/doing.

Flickr Ask Permission Flickr Approval

These are the two screens to setup the actual app to have access to your Flickr account. Just like any other application that you give access to your account. Now after we’re all setup let’s talk about some of the cool things in the app, and how to upload a picture.

Flickr Recent Uploads

I included this screenshot of the activity/uploads section just because I love the interface of this app. It looks and feels like Flickr’s website, but is even better when mixed in with the iPhone’s UI feel. I think they should now change the actual Flickr site to be smooth like their iPhone app. A big two thumbs up to the UI developer. Thanks for a great looking app.

Flickr Contacts

One thing I was expecting when tapping on my contacts was to see their latest updates, this wasn’t the case although I get that in a slideshow on my home screen. When tapping on contacts as you can see you just get a list of all your contacts and how many items they have uploaded.

Flickr My Profile #1 Flickr My Profile #2

Here is my own profile of pictures, my photostream. I wanted to show this as there are two different ways to view them. You can see them in this grid layout, or tap the very right top button to turn it into a detailed list. That includes the thumbnail, title, and some stats on the picture. I like this option.

Flickr All Sets

This is just a plain view of my sets/tags section. You can tap on a set and dive deeper into it to see each picture, or search through your pictures by tags. Again with a beautiful interface. Now onto the meat and potatoes of the app…UPLOADING.

Flickr Choose From Where To Upload Flickr Add Info

If you can see in the top right corner of the screen there is a button to upload your pictures. Tap that and it’ll ask you take a new photo or video, or choose an existing one from your library. So I chose one and then the next screen shot is what you’ll see. You can then add your title, a short description add tags, and put it in a set. You can’t see it but below those settings you can set the picture to public, private, or friends and family.

Flickr My Sets Flickr Uploading

That’s what a selected set looks like. I put all of my iPhone pictures into one set, so I tapped on that set to upload it into it. Then finally my picture I titled, “Paul and a Donut” is uploaded to Flickr.

So that sums up the new Flickr app pretty well, it’s a wonderful app but simple at the same time. It has no rotation orientation built into it, and like i said no bulk upload functionality. Those are minor issues because the folk over at Yahoo built their first version right, and opted out to hopefully be adding those features in a future update. At least I’m hopeful for that. I can’t say enough good things about the app, so go get it now and enjoy. I’ll be posting a video soon.

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One Response to “Flickr’s Native App Is Real”

  1. Magnus on June 27th, 2012 3:37 am

    Is it possible to get the home screen to pan your own pictures instead of your contacts?

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