Flash On The iPhone?

April 30, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Who wants Flash on their iPhone? Please raise your hands, then if you wouldn’t mind please help me understand why the iPhone would benefit from Flash. I’m not wanting to start a flame war, just give me your honest opinion on why the iPhone should have Flash on it. If you are wondering why I’m asking this age old question then you’ve missed out on some news this week.

Steve Jobs has come out with another one of his famous ‘open letters’ and this time it’s directed at Adobe and Flash. First you can start by reading it, Thoughts On Flash. Then shortly after that the same day, the CEO of Adobe granted an interview to which he tried to rebuttle everything Steve Jobs said. If you’d like to read more here is that interview, Adobe On Flash. So after digesting both of those here is what I think. Read on to get my humble opinion on Flash and Flash on the iPhone.

Like I said I’m very biased. I have never really had a good appreciation of Flash. I’ve been using a Mac for awhile now and Flash is super slow and is the source of the only crashes I’ve had in any program. It often will crash in Safari, thankfully it doesn’t crash the whole browser thanks to some Apple engineering but I have to reload any page with flash on it to see my content again. While it is true that Apple just made some important API’s public last week, there are better ways to use the web. HTML5 is one of this. In combination with CSS3 and Javascript HTML5 will be a built in browser technology that all should support in the near future. Once they make it an open standard, as it’s still in testing now. I don’t like having a buggy browser plugin to view things like video. I really don’t have any other use for Flash but video, and I’d love for the browser to natively be able to support that.

I’ve never used Flash on any phone, but when I owned a laptop and used YouTube it ate my battery up. The computer got hot and the fans spun, obviously killing the battery juice. Just imagine that on an iPhone or any phone. I’m really interested in seeing it on Google’s phone. I hope they put a honkin’ battery in it. Watching YouTube in H.264 is still pretty battery draining and it’s a lighter technology for the iPhone to handle.

Then there is the issue of creating apps with Flash. I definitely understand Apple’s stance on the issue. Adobe will have to keep pace with Apple if they wanted to offer the same development tools. Besides that developing in the native language will always provide better performance than a translation layer. I’m sure there are also advantages to Objective-C over Flash as well. I’ve just started learning Objective-C so I’m still very fresh to it.

I may sound like an Apple “Fan-Boy” but I side with Steve Jobs on this one. Adobe should make tools to develop sites using open standards. I think most everyone agrees with that too. What are your opinions on Flash in general and Flash on the iPhone. Leave a comment and let me know!

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