Echofon A Hidden Gem

April 6, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

There is entirely too much chatter about Twitter on the internet, but I’m just going to add to it. I’ve talked plenty of times about Twitter and the iPhone. It seems to be a perfect combination. Tweeting about current happenings wherever you are. But coming back from the mobile experience, the desktop is often ignored. There are a ton of great iPhone apps out there that make using Twitter beautiful on the go, but when I come back to my iMac I want the two worlds connected. Is that so much to ask? I’ve tried every Twitter client and waited and waited for the one that will take this task on. Enter Echofon, I’ve heard a lot about  it before but never gave it a chance to win my heart. Today though, is a new day. Echofon has just taken over and become my main squeeze for Tweeting on the go and from the desktop. So listen up and let me give you a run down of how this happened, and what makes Echofon so unique to me.

Echofon is initially a free app that has a great interface, it’s clean and simple as you’ll see by some of my screenshots. Nothing fancy to it, it functions just as well as my previous favorite app Tweetie 2. The thing that puts Echofon over the edge for me is it’s ability to do push notifications and sync with the desktop client. Which is available for Mac, FireFox, and more! All that is require to set this up is to download and install both the mobile and desktop version on your machines. Setup your accounts then enable the sync between the two! It’s beautifully simple. Only one of the great features they use to put Echofon above the rest of the competition. The thing that got me to pay $4.99 was push notifications for your Twitter accounts. I routinely do my best at managing four Twitter accounts, but so far I’ve only enable push notifications on my personal account. So if you want me to get a push message send me a tweet at @ryanr14!

Push notifications are one of my favorite things, and can start turning Twitter on my iPhone a rival for text messaging. I pay both $30 for unlimited data and our family plan is $30 for unlimited text, which do you think takes more bandwidth? Text or data!? I wish texting was included with data. Someone tell AT&T and all mobile phone companies to quit being pigs. Anyway end of rant, let’s check out the interface for this.

White, clean, contrast where needed, etc… Almost as beautiful as Tweetie’s but like I said it’s extra features have pushed me over the edge and I’m now an Echofon user. I got tired of waiting for Tweetie to update it’s desktop app, as I’m sure many others were too. All in all, if you are still searching as I was and will be for the perfect Twitter client give Echofon a try. It’s free until you want push notifications from non Echofon users. A worthy upgrade IMHO. Let me know what you think about it by downloading ECHOFON now. :)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lucimar on July 4th, 2015 12:01 am

    Hi JenI wasn’t sure if my post actually went thorguh.Have you heard of mophie? They now have a white, makes black phone kinda look like white. And gives you tons of extra battery life. I posted about it, check it

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