Copy & Paste On Your iPhone…Sort of.

January 8, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

I bring to you, all iPhone owners of the world, COPY & PASTE! Hah, get it. That’s a big joke. Atleast it has been entirely a joke ever since the birth of the iPhone. How could Apple make such an oversight and forget to include a way to copy and paste on this genius device? Well personally I don’t think Apple has overlooked it, and if they have…MAN WHAT’S THE HOLD UP?! It seems such an easy function as copy and paste could be easily added to our iPhone’s vast abilities. Forever is about how long we have all pined for copy & paste on our iPhones. I’m afraid it’s made many iPhone users sick to their stomaches and some have yet to get an iPhone because it’s lacking this essential function. Well today I can be semi proud and say the iPhone has copy & paste…sort of.

Now when I say sort of, you need to give me some room to explain. This isn’t a sanctioned Apple method to copy and paste, but it does work…sort of. So let me explain then how this does work so I can quit saying sort of…sort of. To get this copy and paste to work you must first visit the website, from there you will receive EASY to use instructions on how to setup your iPhone for some awesome copy and pasting. On the right sidebar you will notice three quick instructions to get this going, and they are as follows. First there two options that say Copy then Paste, drag those to your address bar, or save them as a bookmark somehow. That’s all that matter. As long as you can sync those to your iPhone you will be in good shape. From there you should add the email address if gives you once you click on the link that says “secret pastebud address.” You’ll want that email address saved for full copy and paste functionality. Especially if you want to use it in your emails. If you just want to copy and past between webpages, say between some text you find and Twitter, all you need are the two bookmarks saved. 


Once you’ve got that all settled you need to sync up your iPhone. Make sure you get those bookmarks and email address added and synced up. After you let your iPhone go through it’s sync you are ready to learn how to use this new copy and paste trick. For Safari you just need to find a webpage, article, link, to copy and once you are on the page open up your bookmarks and tap COPY. Then if you wanted to post that as a Twitter status mosey on over to Twitter. Once you are logged in and ready to tweet open your bookmarks once more and tap PASTE. This will then give you a green option over any text entry fields. Tap where it says Paste Here, and that’s it! You’ve officially copied & pasted on the iPhone, something not many people have done out of fear Apple may find them and bring them down!

If you want to do some copy & pasting in mail, it’s just as simple. It is critical though that you’ve got your secret pastebud email saved as a contact. I obviously saved mine a pastebud, easy to remember right? First open up the email you want to copy from and forward that to your secret pastebud email. Then just wait a second and pastebud will send you an email back with a link to copy the email text. From there you can again update a service like Twitter or send an email again with that certain text you highlighted.

Start your CopyWithout CSS

Highlight Your TextPaste It Somewhere

Pastebud is a light in a dark tunnel for the iPhone. It shows us how easy copy & paste could be implemented, please Apple hear us. It’s painfully clear people want it if other 3rd parties have figured out a way to copy & paste somehow. For me pastebud works very well and I will be using it as long as Apple hasn’t given us their version of copy & paste yet. I just really hope Apple has something up their sleeve, along with that dang push service. Apple better step it up. Need less to say, watch my video below to get a better grasp on how to use pastebud. Thanks for reading!

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