The New “Copy & Paste” In iPhone 2.2

September 29, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

This just in, Apple is reinventing copy and paste. They really are, but it’s been in front of us all of this time. I don’t know why none of us thought of this way to do it, but it’s a legit way to copy and paste. It also explains everything such as… Why hasn’t Apple given us copy and paste? What is taking Apple so long to do this? They did it perfect on the Newton, just bring it to the iPhone!  All of our frustration is about to be layed to rest, atleast I hope so.

Apparently in the newest seeds of the 2.2 iPhone software Safari is getting a facelift, and from there we see how copy and paste is going to work on the iPhone. So take a look at this picture found on the wired blog of the new iPhone Safari. You can see in the navigation bar there have been some changes. The refresh button is now inside the address bar, and Google has been given it’s own search window. Previously to search the internet you’d have to tap the address bar then the Google search bar would appear below your normal address bar. Confusing for some, but now it’s even easier to see where you can search Google.

With that being said let  and out of the way, let me try and explain the copy and paste. Remember in some applications you can send items from that certain app to others? For instance in the photo library you can send pictures to the email app. This is basically how the iPhone’s copy and paste would work, compared to the traditional sense of what everyone is waiting for. We were all waiting for a way to highlight text then copy it and freely use it in any iPhone application. This is copy and paste but from a more centralized stack than from each application itself. Wired compares it to right clicking on a file, then being able to open with a multitude of applications from that file. You all know we can only have one iPhone app open at a time so this makes sense. Send text from say an email to the “clipboard” and into Safari. The end result will be dialog box similar to what we are used to, highlight some text and with a gesture unknown to use at the moment we can then choose where to send that text, picture, etc…

Personally I don’t miss a copy and paste function that much at all on my iPhone. But of course the feature is ALWAYS welcomed. If it only shuts up you crazy people dying for copy and paste. What do you need copy and paste that much for anyway? From my day to day use I can’t ever remember saying, “DANG, I wish I had copy and paste. Apple why must you screw me over like this!!” So help me out and let me know when it is that you need a copy and paste function. Let’s not get started on other features missing just yet, like MMS or the many others. I believe 2.2 will bring us some of these features we’ve been wanting. Thanks for reading everyone!

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