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October 4, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

For this week I’m going to try and blog about 5 apps that change the way you order items with the iPhone. Any app that makes it seem novel to use the iPhone to order them. Wether that be food, drinks, clothing, etc… I will try and highlight what they offer through the iPhone and what is unique about each. So let’s get started!

Does anyone out there in internet land like Chipotle burritos? I definitely hope you have heard of the burrito maker’s chain of restaurants. Although my personal favorite is Qdoba, no hard feelings Chipotle, I do love a giant burrito every now and again. In fact I just had Qdoba yesterday. The only downside to loving Qdobe is that they don’t have their own app to order a tasty burrito with. Oh yeah, don’t let me forget to mention that to even get my burrito fix I have to drive about 30 minutes one way to even get close a Chipotle or Qdoba. You would think living in a college town and burritos being a college staple that they would have built one here years ago. Think again! Anyway let’s check out the app.

The app first starts out by finding the nearest store around you. The whole app is meant to help you order online and go pick it up, obviously that’s why they want the closest store.

Now it’s time to make some decisions. What do you want to eat. I went with the classic burrito. As you can see though you have quite a few other options. Can’t ever go wrong here!

Now you have to decide what you want on your burrito. Steak, chicken, etc… I chose Chicken. Next you add other fillings to it. Rice, black beans, mild salsa. You can add any of these that you want.

Finally you add your sides and any drinks you want. I felt like Chips and Salsa today! Then you name your oder and can get ready to check out. I didn’t check out because I can’t go drive for 30 minutes, and I don’t have an account. That’s why I called my order Poo :( … You can make this order a favorite and save yourself time when re-ordering it.

So that is it. You can order your burrito before even stepping foot into the store. Your order should be ready when you get there. How do you feel about ordering via the iPhone? Do you trust it with your food orders? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment

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