How To Jailbreak iOS 4.1

October 18, 2010 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Are you a jailbreak fan? Do you also like to keep up to date with Apple’s latest software for the iPhone? Well now you can breath easy and know that you can have the best of both worlds. After quite the drama unfolded within the jailbreak dev community, they’ve unified to give us all a great jailbreak tool. This one is known as greenpois0n and can be had by clicking on that link. The program works across all operating systems finally and it really works smoothly. Mac, Linux, and Windows get ready for a quick and easy jailbreak on iOS 4.1

5 Ways To Not Brick Your iDevice

May 16, 2010 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

I’ve caught the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch development fever and I’m ashamed of myself right now. I have officially bricked my first iPhone. I’ve been learning the basics of objective-c and the ins and outs of Xcode and had even started my first simple app just so I could play around. Then I had a brilliant idea, torrent 4.0 and put it on my iPhone. I thought it would be cool to see if I could run OS 4.0 without actually registering my device in the 99$ a year program. That was n00b mistake #1 in what will be the thousands as I try to learn to code for the app store. By the way, I love making interfaces for these sorts of things so if any one wants to partner and help me with the code I’m all for it! So here are my top 5 ways to not brick your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, any stinkin’ iDevice…

iPhone vs Canon 7D

May 3, 2010 by Ryan Ray · 8 Comments 

Hey everyone, hope the weekend has been kind to you. I hope you’ve been reading and staying up to date with all the iPhone stuff lately. Don’t let the iPad overshadow your love for the iPhone. So let’s get into it for today.

Obviously after reading the title you can get a hint that I’m not entirely serious about putting these two up to battle in terms of features, quality, etc…The 7D would crush the iPhone if we are talking about technical specifications.Rather I’ll be putting these two head to head in theory of convenience. When I need to shoot something which is my go to device? What situations lend themselves to the iPhone or 7D, etc… So instead of talking about apertures, lens available, frames per second, etc… Let’s just consider the convenience factor.

How A Student Uses The iPhone

March 29, 2010 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Now this might be something entirely new, I wanted to make a big list. It’s something I’ve yet to really try out, but I wanted to give it a shot. I’m a full time student majoring in Marketing, Music Business, and Video/Cinema production! Besides that I love my iPhone, so what’s better than combining those two somehow. I always find it intriguing the way that people use their iPhones to help get things done, so as a student let me give you my perspective. This is how I use my iPhone to make my life just that much easier…

3 Ways To Waste Time On The iPhone

October 26, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Monday is here again, the slow, boring day that it usually is. While some of you head to work, I must head to class and take tests, quizzes, etc… Speaking of that I want to apologize for a lackluster week last week. Besides being super busy my Great Grandmother passed away and I was back in MO for the services. Now that I’ve caught up to class and work I’ve a break to talk to you about 3 of my favorite apps to help pass the time away. Now I’m not saying that during work, or class you should be utilizing these techniques to pass the time. Although I will admit that I am very guilty of doing so, these are for when you have time to kill and would rather use an app to do so instead of counting the threads in the carpet.

What The iPhone Needs; A Real Thermometer

October 7, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 15 Comments 

Welcome to another post in the ongoing series, “What The iPhone Needs!” Created simply to give me a place to go on a rant at anytime when I think of something perhaps a little too obscure to be a reality for the iPhone. Even if not feasible, it’s always nice to dream. Obviously as Fall is upon us the temperature of each day keeps dipping and dipping. As I walked to class today in the coldest morning of the Fall yet, I wanted to be able to take the temperature with my iPhone. Fall is my favorite season, closely rivaled by spring. I just to love to be able to layer clothing and wear long sleeves, hoodies, scarves, etc… I guess it’s kind of my thing.

Starbucks Releases Two Free iPhone Apps

September 30, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

You read that right, Starbucks came out and dropped two wonderful apps recently and they both are quite awesome. If I were to guess and be gracious with my guess, I’d say at least %90 of America loves coffee. They may not love Starbucks coffee, but they are still addicted to the little brown bean. Personally I really love Starbucks beans. I usually make my coffee in a French Press, which you should try if you haven’t. My favorites right now are the Guatemala Antigua, and the Italian Roast. Two very different flavors, but both wonderful. Writing this I feel like I can almost taste the coffee. So when I heard Starbucks released two apps for all iPhone owners and they were free, I had to check them out. What do the two apps do, and why did they make two apps? Read on to see what each app does.

Photos On The iPhone – Photogene

July 27, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Alright, I know I’ve been gone for awhile once again. So please forgive me for the absence. If you must know I’ve been traveling playing drums at different youth camps. It’s been a lot of fun, and a good excuse to get off of my computer and get some sunshine and good vitamin D. Of course I’ve taken my iPhone with me and have been using it heavily to document the experience. The new iPhone 3G S has a great camera as you all know and it’s worked great for me. So with that in mind let’s continue on with this series talking about taking photos on the iPhone. These apps aren’t limited to the iPhone 3G S, which makes them great to use on any iPhone and perhaps some new iPod Touches after they are updated. That’s the rumor anyways.

What The iPhone Needs; Wireless Charging/Syncing

February 3, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Duh Apple, if you were waiting for the perfect time to release wireless syncing to the masses then you missed it. You missed your big chance to take the spotlight and say, “wireless charging was impossible until we came along…” Just imagine all of the free press you would have got for allowing us to charge our iPhones wirelessly. We all know the press eats up Apple news. Anytime Steve Jobs goes for a walk NBC, ABC, and the rest treat it almost as good as Obama. Haha, but now Palm has beaten Apple to the wireless charging, and it’s been boring.

Copy & Paste On Your iPhone…Sort of.

January 8, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

I bring to you, all iPhone owners of the world, COPY & PASTE! Hah, get it. That’s a big joke. Atleast it has been entirely a joke ever since the birth of the iPhone. How could Apple make such an oversight and forget to include a way to copy and paste on this genius device? Well personally I don’t think Apple has overlooked it, and if they have…MAN WHAT’S THE HOLD UP?! It seems such an easy function as copy and paste could be easily added to our iPhone’s vast abilities. Forever is about how long we have all pined for copy & paste on our iPhones. I’m afraid it’s made many iPhone users sick to their stomaches and some have yet to get an iPhone because it’s lacking this essential function. Well today I can be semi proud and say the iPhone has copy & paste…sort of.

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