Protect Your iPhone With Invisible Shield + Coupon Code

September 25, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 3 Comments 

Look what we’ve got here today. Yup, you’ve guessed it, it’s another hands on product review. This is something that hopefully we’ll get more into as time goes on. Because I can’t just review apps all my life, you know what I mean?! So please do get in touch with us here at iPhone Nuts if you want to have your product reviewed on the site. Thanks for that.

Incase Slider Case For The iPhone

September 4, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays look to be productive days for me. No classes until 1, and on this particular day no classes until 2 since my 1 was canceled. This is a semi-first for iPhone Nuts. I’m actually going to review an iPhone product that I have on my iPhone. I’ve reviewed others that I’ve not used but only talked about for comparisons sake. This time I can offer a personal testimony to the product. By the way, if you want to send a product for me to physically review both in text and video send an email HERE. Thanks

Coasters That Look Like iPhone Icons

December 16, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Once again I’m going to post about something different today, rather than review an app or do something incredibly boring like that… ;) Don’t worry I’ve got TONS of apps still to review. It seems like MILLIONS of apps are created and released each day. Just not enough time in each day to cover all of them. But this is something that caught my eye and couldn’t be passed up. I just had to let you know about this. It’s one of those supremely geeky things, that only Apple nerds or iPhone lovers would buy. It may be similar to a calculator watch, or pocket protector. Which, for you and I, might be right up our alley. I know I love to collect little items like this. Those kind of, one off crazy collectors items. Thankfully this little set of coasters actually has some form of a cool factor to it. So let’s check them out. Hopefully many of you who read this site will enjoy them too.

Get Your Free iPhone Case Here

August 22, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 3 Comments 

Welcome again to my wonderful world of iPhone posts. I actually have a little surprise for you at the end of this post, so if you read all of the post you will be able to see the last sentence in BOLD type and know what the surprise is. Trust me, I’ve installed code on this post that will not display the last line if you just scroll to the bottom hoping to beat everyone. You may be asking, is he for real right now? Well… I’ll never tell. Anyway you’ll get the code at the bottom of the page if you read my following review of this pretty sweet iPhone case. Let’s get started…

Improve Battery Life – 3 iPhone Battery Extensions Reviewed

August 12, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 3 Comments 

The love of the iPhone 3G is immense, that is if you put aside one glaring issue… BATTERY LIFE!! GPS¬†is great to have. It’s saved my tail many of times from becoming lost. Even this very weekend I used my iPhone’s GPS to get us around Indiana. If you weren’t aware I played in a band for a charity event in Indiana, and I live in Missouri. I used the GPS to find food, to find guitar strings, and even to give my friends directions via twittelator. Besides GPS the 3G network speed is wonderful. It’s so easy to surf the web or download email, even many of the apps I use load much faster now as the data they require zips over 3G. But what do you get for using all of these feautures? That’s right, battery life gets sucked down the drain. Almost as quick as you can say, “WTF, how come my iPhone is about to die?!”