Boxed In Version 2

November 3, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Hey there everyone. It’s about 1:15 in the morning here in the Midwest of the U.S. If you didn’t know I’m a full time student so for one it’s not strange to be up this late trying in vain to do homework and catch up on work. I’m very sleep deprived and have been for the past week. I missed 3 days of classes after my Great Grandma passed away. I decided it was worth the time to go home and be with family instead of keep up with school. I can always make up quizes and tests but not revisit my Grandma’s funeral. I tell you all this just because I’m a person too behind this keyboard. I thought you would appreciate to know what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t posted something nutty about the iPhone since October 26th!

I really appreciate your patience even not knowing the situation. For my sleep’s sake though let’s get on the road and talk about an app we’ve reviewed ONCE here at iPhone Nuts. The developer being the nice guy he is let us know that he’s got version two of his app out so we’re going to put it through it’s paces again. After doing some digging here is what I’ve found that’s new. Please correct me Mr. Mengelt if I’ve missed anything. Of course there are new levels! 50 of them I believe. There are some original music and sound effects added now, now worries if you like your game silent. You can turn it off in the options. That’s there for you who listen to your iPod while playing games. Of course autosave is still there, as well as the ability to move the main interface to the top or bottom of the screen. Personal preference as to where you like it!

Boxed In 2 Loading

But you might ask, “What’s your favorite part of the new app?” Well personally I love the new directional pad that was added. The game without the D-pad works with multiple swipes to move the robot across each level. At time though all that swiping can get monotonous. It’s great to use a D pad and move your robot around now. You should check it out if you are a fan of it. I believe you can turn it on under options. So you want to see some more screen shots? Alright well check it out below.

Boxed In 2 Options Boxed In 2 Instructions

Like I mentioned you can turn on or off features to your personal liking. Try the D-pad out once though. See what you think. The next picture is the instructions on how you play this game. The great little map key is still there too. Definitely helpful in identifying objects for the noobie like me.

Boxed In 2 Level 1

Just to show you how the levels progress the above shot is level 1. Pretty simple, you should be able to figure this out before you even start moving boxes. Again remember you can only push and not pull these wooden boxes. Now look at level 2.

Boxed In 2 Level 2 Start Boxed In 2 Level 2 End

Things get a little more complex here. As you can see you have to push this box up onto a lever to turn off that green thing blocking us from the exit. Also pick up the gear there on the upper left part of the level. As you can guess the levels are going to get harder and harder from here. Don’t worry about getting stuck on one level. You can skip up to five at a time I believe. Just to let your brain do some new solving. You can also reset the level you are on if you get stuck on a certain level.

So, worth the upgrade? Yup, I’d say so. If you are already a fan of Boxed In then fork over .99 for 50 new levels and a D pad. A cheap but effective 99 pennies spent. The developer is working hard for you guys so show your support and try out Boxed In 2. Leave a comment and let me know your own opinion of Boxed In 2. I’ll be trying to conquer this game over the coming weeks. I’m notorious for not being good at games. Sorry, I wasn’t born much of a gamer. Anyway, have a great Tuesday. I’m going to get some rest. As always, thanks for reading!

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18 Responses to “Boxed In Version 2”

  1. Rocco on November 12th, 2009 11:57 pm

    I think level #32 (in Boxed In 2) is in error and can’t be solved as is. It needs 3 maneuverable boxes and only two can be freed from the top array.

  2. Noel on November 15th, 2009 1:29 am

    Nope, it can be done. I have solved them all except #50. it’s throwing me for a loop!

  3. Rocco on November 15th, 2009 2:08 am

    Thanks Noel…I have since solved ALL of them.
    I found #50 very enjoyable…the best of the lot.
    It’s really cool that after the 50th is solved you get a nice “Certificate”.
    You have to come down thru the red blocked area to clear the way down and to the bottom, then left.
    I took a dig pic of it. Make sure you raise the left side bottom box to get out after to load up the blue.
    I hope the author keeps inventing new ones.

    Get back to me if you want more hints for this doozy.

  4. Noel on November 15th, 2009 5:42 pm

    Thanks Rocco! I finally got 50 in boxed in 2! It was the most challenging yet! I too hope the auther keeps creating these. I am hooked!

  5. Rocco on November 15th, 2009 8:57 pm

    BIG congrats to you Noel…I knew you could do it!

  6. Billy B on November 18th, 2009 4:04 am

    Hey Hey Hey I’ve done all 50 now the last one seemed impossible but once you had though it through it all fell into place It felt great to complete it.

  7. Ryan Ray on November 18th, 2009 6:32 pm

    Man all of you guys are champs! This means I need to get on it, I’m embarrassed to say but I’m on level 14… I don’t have that much time to play it though, except in class. I try to pay attention though in class. Haha

    Thanks for the great comments, and glad you enjoy the game!

  8. Matt M on November 18th, 2009 10:44 pm

    I’m stuck in level 32, seems impossible.

  9. Rocco on November 19th, 2009 1:47 am

    Hi Matt…Keep at it.. You can free 3 boxes out of the top array… If that’s where you’re stuck. Hint… In the array, loop around left, free one then loop right to position another to free. Good luck.

  10. Matt M on November 19th, 2009 9:50 am

    Thanks for the tip. I finally got it.

  11. Matt M on November 25th, 2009 11:52 pm

    I’m stuck on 49. I’ve tried what seems like everything. I skipped ahead to 50, that one was almost to easy, I got it on the first try.

  12. Rocco on November 27th, 2009 2:09 am

    Hi again Matt,
    I agree that is a tough puzzle. If you want, I can send you a pic of the completed puzzle. (It still was confusing after doing it again). There is some repeating of going back and forth of the red box. Send me your email if you want it, it would be a good hint. Sort of lengthy to cover each move.

  13. Matt M on November 27th, 2009 2:31 pm

    After putting it aside for a few days (I only played once every few days anyways) I was finally able to pass level 49. I have no idea how, I can’t do it again haha. It did take me an hour to figure it out (on accident) thank you all for your help. And bring on the next game!!

  14. Cody on December 22nd, 2009 2:54 pm

    I review this game on our site.

  15. Kevin T on December 30th, 2009 11:53 am

    I’m in the same boat with being stuck on level 50. I’ve prided myself on completing every level without help on both 1 and 2. After several attempts over several days I think I’d like someone to give me the solution. It kills me because I know I’m so close to having it figured out.

  16. Rocco on December 30th, 2009 4:55 pm

    You’re in luck!! Here are some screen shots for many levels including #50 !!

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  18. Kaitlyn on October 12th, 2015 4:28 pm

    I seriously delight in your posts. Many thanks

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