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Happy stinking Friday to everyone out in the land of the internet. Fridays always bring joy to everyone, I won’t say for certain no matter what, but usually this is true. Even though the weather has turned to crap around campus here in Indiana, I’m sure somewhere the sun is shining perfectly. Todays post won’t be just another goofy app review, I’ve been noticing a new trend among the iPhone community and wanted to highlight that and weigh in with my opinion on it. Of course after you’ve digested what I’ve said, please do weigh in on this discussion with your opinions and ideas. Keeping thoughts to yourself never helps spread the idea of thinking! So read on.

Here’s the trend, bands have been contracting out to have developers make apps to help promote their bands. No longer is just a myspace all that’s needed. The iPhone and mainly the iPod Touch is a huge success among all those crazy hipsters. For those unaware there’s a simple equation to follow, it’s as follows;

Apple Products = Hipster Love

The web is an incredible opportunity for anyone with something to say, and this is especially true for bands/songwriters. Technology actually is on the side of the musician/songwriter more than ever before. Pro studio equipment is easy and affordable to get, you can learn how to play almost any instrument thanks to YouTube, Garageband makes recording songs a breeze, etc…etc… etc…

Once you’ve done all that you need a way to keep your fans connected with you! Be sure to have a website, that’s critical, but then if you can manage get an awesome iPhone app that makes it even easier for mobile users to connect with your music. I’ve seen a lot of band apps that do just that, but what if the offered more.

Fun iPhone App Main Screen

This is the home screen of my favorite band’s app, their name is fun. Literally, the band is called… fun.

Fun Photos

Fun Videos

As you can see the app is just a website made into an app for the iPhone. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a great start. Now here are my three guidelines for building a band app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Yours may differ, and that’s cool.

#1 – It Has To Be Free

Your band’s app has to be free. For one you are promoting your creative material. Even if your stuff is free it just doesn’t sit right to charge for your bands app. It seems to me as an unspoken etiquette to not charge for an app that tries to sell other material.

#2 – Offer something only the app can offer.

For instance if you download the app you get a bonus song from the album for free, album discount, unreleased material, etc… Yeah it’s nice to have an iPhone app that aggregates your normal stuff, but to really push it offer something that you don’t anywhere else. It’s a great opportunity. Take T-Pains app for example, while not promoting his music directly you can bet it does bring attention and ingenuity to inadvertently promoting yourself. I’ll be reviewing that app soon, just so you know hah.

#3 – Use Push Notifications

This is something that email can offer but not quite in the same way, use the iPhone push system to your advantage. This can tie in with give aways promotions, important news, etc… anything you can dream up.

Overall what I’m trying to get across is that you should use this great technology to your advantage, especially if that’s the market you are trying to connect with. The iPhone ecosystem offers a lot of things, just make sure to make the app worth the download. If it replicates other stuff you’ve already got it seems a little boring. Otherwise knock yourself out and get creative. Thoughts, opinions, leave a comment on how you would develop an app for your band. Thanks for being awesome, enjoy the weekend!

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2 Responses to “Bands With iPhone Apps”

  1. Ghislain on June 24th, 2011 6:23 pm

    Hey! You’re not the only one having figured out this trend! Actually, I even created a company around this very concept.

    I think iPhone/iPad/iThingie apps are the new MySpace.

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