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Remember not to long ago when Apple held their “Back to the Mac” event? Well if you missed it let me summarize it for you. Steve Jobs and his crew of Apple visionaries took the stage and gave us a great insight into their philosophy on the next iteration of Mac OS X. Besides introducing a new iLife ’11 and New Macbook Airs which were both pretty cool in their own right, I hope some of those features and more make into the pro apps! I would say I most liked the sneak peek of Lion. Lion is what they are calling 10.7. It’s due this summer, so I hope to be seeing more peeks in the coming months. Their whole philosophy was to bring back the innovations that they’ve been doing on their iDevices back to the Mac. Some people aren’t happy about this, but I will go on record saying I am really excited about this.

The Mac App store, Launchpad, Autosave and autoresume are all making their way from iOS into Mac OS X. Like I said I really like the idea of this cycle Apple has now started. They took OS X and adapted it for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and then the iPad and AppleTV. They came up with some awesome ideas in that space. Now they are bringing some of those innovations back to the Mac. This only means that Apple has some interesting ideas in store for Lion. With all of the new technologies and features in Lion imagine how those will surely make their way to the iOS platform. The thing is we don’t know what features Lion will hold just yet. We only know of the iOS adaptation for the desktop. With all of this awesome new touch functionality I think I’m going to have to try the Magic Trackpad.

Anyway back to the iOS world for a second. What are people vying for on these devices? I know people always want flash, but I don’t think that day will ever happen. At least coming from Apple. The web is changing and by the time Flash gets slick enough for Apple to approve HTML 5 will hopefully be just as good and probably better. Or maybe some other technology will come along. So besides Flash what are going to the the next tent pole features of iOS 5? Leave me your ideas and let me know what you think! I’m scrambling my brain now!

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