AT&T Finally Gives The U.S. MMS

September 29, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Yup, we can sing praises finally about 3 months after the launch of iPhone software 3.0 us people over here in the states can send an MMS message. Hopefully after all of this hype around the iPhone and it’s lack there of of the ability to send an MMS, you all know what one is. In a few short words it’s just a way to send a multimedia message. With the iPhone you can send pictures, video, contacts, etc… Which is pretty sweet.

MMS is an antiquated technology that at first I believe Apple was trying to phase out of the cell industry. Although it seems to be true that the first iPhone is disabled by hardware to send MMS, Apple may have done that on purpose and wanted to push email as the main way to send anything. If only EVERYONE’S phone had email on it then we’d be set. This isn’t true for everyone. So the Apple loyals cried out for MMS, something that should have been there since day one. We’ll never know why it wasn’t, but thankfully it’s here now.

This is what it looks like to send a picture to someone else through MMS.

Mindy Merenghi MMS

As you can see the picture is in it’s own little bubble. If you are sent an MMS yourself and you want to save it, just tap on the picture and it’ll slide to a full screen view of it. From there you can save it and that’s all you can do. Then from saving it you can email or forward it on in another MMS. Simple enough. If you have video saved to your phone you can send that, you can send contact info to other iPhones, etc…

The bad thing about updating to MMS is that you have to have iPhone OS 3.1, which finally killed off my favorite tethering hack. Also of which AT&T has yet to let us have. In a side note AT&T really needs to get their stuff together! I’ll be waiting for a new tethering method until then. There have been a few people that have stuck on 3.0 and just downloaded and applied the new carrier files which are at version 5.5 I believe. If you want to do that, then search the internet. It’s not hard to find or do. Just beware it probably violates some law somewhere.

So what do I think about MMS? Well so far I’ve only used it to send my cute girlfriend a few pictures, and she’s sent me some. I know before MMS was available for me my mom has tried to send me pictures. I just never got them. So it’ll be great to get those cat pictures, or dog pictures finally! My uncle loves to send me Obama hate since I’m an Obama supporter. In other words the use is mostly trivial for me. I enjoy it for the most part, but I can still use email and send a lot more pictures and videos, etc… Just for those people who haven’t caught up yet to the email revolution MMS still works great. I’m glad AT&T and Apple let us FINALLY have it. It rounds out the iPhone, but isn’t a deal breaker for me. MMS is so-so

Let me know what you think about MMS, is it life changing for your iPhone or just another cool thing to do. Will it replace email, or twitpic’ing? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading and participating! Have a good one.

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