AT&T Confirms Cheaper Rates Considered

June 2, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

We all know that owning an iPhone is a semi expensive phone to own. If you looked back to when the iPhone first came out you had to drop over $500 bucks just to get the base model. Not to mention on top of that you had to have a data plan to go along with your voice plan. I wish they would have kept that data plan the same for the iPhone 3G. On the original data plan you got unlimited data, visual voicemail, and 200 text messages all for $20 dollars a month. Since I’m on a family share plan, lucky me, my voiceline is only $10 a month so add the $20 and I owed about $35 every month after taxes on my line. This was great for me it was affordable for a student, especially since I have no other bills. Of course when I graduate I’ll be slammed with those student loan bills, but as of right now I’m only paying for my cell phone service every month. I do have things like a flickr account and web hosting, but those bills are due only once every two years. I sold my car once I started college so I don’t pay insurance or gas. Like I said the $35 was affordable.

Even when the iPhone 3G came out my monthly costs only went up $10 dollars. By that time our whole family plan had unlimited texting, luckily because texting is no longer included in the iPhone’s data plan. A bad move on AT&T for being a little too greedy. As of now my bill sits in around $45 dollars a month for me to own an iPhone 3G. No my mother doesn’t pay it, I pay my own bills. It’s part of me being a responsible young adult, I’m in charge of my own finances.


Now that there are rumors out hinting that cheaper iPhones and cheaper iPhone plans could be coming, this has got me really excited. Macrumors reports that the CEO of AT&T has even confirmed that there has been discussion of cheaper rates for the iPhone. With cheaper rates come less features and freedom though. If AT&T did offer cheaper plans that would mean that data would probably not be unlimited. From what I’ve heard though our “unlimited” plans really aren’t unlimited. With a cap at 5GB monthly. Here’s something to take notice of though. I checked my iPhones lifetime data usage and I’ve barely used over 3GB for data sent and received. I’ve never reset my iPhone’s statistics, but does it reset if you reset your phone through iTunes? I did that maybe 3 months ago…Well either way I’ve never used 5GB in one months time. Here’s a shot of my data usage.


So if they introduce different data plans based on how much usage you get a month, I might be all over that if they are worth the price cut from unlimited to limited. But what are your thoughts? I’m assuming the actual iPhone stays at it’s current price range at $199 for the lower model and $299 for the higher model. Although there is the possibility of more than two versions this time around, but that’s for another post. Would you want to have the cushion of an unlimited data plan, or would you rather have a cheaper monthly cost assuming you don’t use all of your data every month?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the possibilities of cheaper data plans. Will this bring in more customers, new customers to AT&T, will you switch to a cheaper plan if you already use an iPhone? Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

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