AT&T Announces New Data Plans

June 2, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

Let’s take a short stroll down memory lane, shall we? WAAYY back in 2007 when the first iPhone came out you had to buy AT&T’s 20 dollar data plan. It was unlimited, you could never run out, but it was on the EDGE network… Those were some good days. Then came along the iPhone 3G, raising our data plans from $20 to $30 but they were still unlimited. iPhone 3GS came along and nothing changed, thank heavens the price didn’t go to $40 a month. Now something to explain quickly, when AT&T says unlimited they didn’t really mean unlimited of course. It’s rumored to be that the cap for unlimited data plans is at 5GB, so do keep that in mind as we go on.

As a side note, do you notice how much we get ripped off on text message plans. I pay $30 for unlimited data which is a lot more bandwidth excessive and on our family plan we also pay $30 for unlimited texting. Texting does not take the same amount of data no matter what! AT&T STOP RIPPING US OFF WITH TEXTING. That’s all I wanted to say as a side note…:)

Now just a week before Apple introduces the next iPhone AT&T has gone and restructured some of their data plans. Don’t worry though those who want to keep their current data plans, you won’t be forced into anything new that you don’t want. Here is the low down as I understand it;

WE HAVE TETHERING NOW, but only if you sign up for one of the new plans. First of the new plans is one for 200MB of data for $15 dollars, and if you go over it’s just another $15 for 200mb more. The plan you may really want to go for though if you are a heavy iPhone user is the 2GB a month plan that is $25 a month. Although not unlimited like the current plan if you check your usage you could be saving yourself $5 or more a month. If you go over your 2Gb plan it’s $10 for another 1GB for that month.

There are more details and questions that will surface later, but overall this is a good start to AT&T catering to iPhone users needs. some people can cut their data plan in half since they don’t use that much, others can save $5, while some of us can just stay on our $30 a month unlimited plan. I only wish there were more options to these data plans. Add in the “unlimited” plan still for $30 a month, and lower the cost of 200mb from $15 to $5 and add plans in between!

Like I said though this is a slow move in the right direction for a lot of people to save money and for a lot of stress to potentially be taken off of AT&T’s network for the time being. Also did I mention that iPhone users get tethering now? Well it’s only on the new plans and it costs an extra $20 a month with no increase in data, DUMB.

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