Apple Puts The iPhone Head to Head With Nintendo DS

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Guess what? It’s another post about gaming on the iPhone! I hope all of the gamers out there are enjoying finally reading something about the iPhone and gaming here. Be sure not to miss out on the other iPhone gaming posts HERE. If you haven’t noticed lately Apple is making a big push with both the iPhone and iPod Touch to turn them into regular gaming devices. They are putting the iPhone up on the level of the PSP and especially the Nintendo DS. Which could turn to be disastrous as Apple has never pulled of gaming well in the past, especially concerning their Macs. Something is different this time though. Since the introduction of the iPhone/iPod Touch developers have been dying to make some games for it, and after the SDK came out it became entirely possible. But is the iPhone/Touch ready to take on the solid, and established DS? Here’s 2 good reasons. Let’s discuss them below.


1. The iPhone is Sure Powerful Enough.

The iPhone is definitely a beast compared to the DS, just check out these specs. The processor smokes the DS, and the screen is much higher in resolution. Something that is very important to gamers that want the best experience possible. Let’s not forget about Multi-Touch either. The iPhone’s touch screen runs circles around the DS and it’s “retro” stylus. Pleeeeease Nintendo, get with it… Here are those respective specs

Nintendo DS

Processor: two ARM CPUs (67MHz and 33MHz)

Screen: two 256×192 pixel screens



Processor: ARM CPU @ 620MHz

Screen: 480×320 pixels


iPhone vs Nintendo DS


2. The App Store, DUH

To say it bluntly, the App Store is HUGE. To buy games for the DS you must hop in the car, or take public transit, and head to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy yourself the new version of Monkey Ball. If you had the iPhone you could skip all of that and simply connect to the App Store and get your game for $9.99 0n average. No more waiting in line at midnight for your favorite game, haha. Just use the amazing App Store. This also rings true for game developers, no money wasted on packaging and advertising, etc… With the iPhone’s superior specs, Multi-Touch interface, great storage, accelerometer, always on connection, etc… this is shaping up to be a beast of a gaming device.

So far the developers haven’t completely grasped the concept of creating games specially designed for the interface that the iPhone has. Everyone has been so accustomed to the traditional controllers that it’s a whole new thing to wrap their heads around and create controls. Just for instance in a game like Super Monkey Ball, instead of using a D pad to control the ball you now can tilt the iPhone to move the monkey ball.

The iPhone not only changed the landscape of the phone industry, but now Apple is aiming it towards the gaming industry. The question is though if the iPhone can compete in so many industries. Will the iPhone really be the all in one device we are all looking for? What do you think, can Apple pull this off? Leave me your thoughts! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Alexander on October 29th, 2018 8:19 am

    Tell a potential consumer that no winning exists, and then try to sell that same buyer a winning system.

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