Apple Launches Beta Testing for App Store Developers

July 25, 2008 by Emily Price 

Apple’s App Store was one of the major improvements in the 2.0 software upgrade. Since the launch of the store users have been downloading games and other apps nearly non-stop with the total number of application downloads now reaching well into the millions.

One behind the scene aspect of the App Store that a general user might not realize, is that each one of the 909 applications currently available on the iPhone was first be approved by Apple before it becomes a part of the store. That means that new applications often have a pretty tremendous wait time to get approved before they actually make it into the App Store ready for users to download.

What this means for developers is that they spend a great deal of time creating an application only to spend another great deal of time waiting for that application to be approved by Apple, all this time not really being able to test their application out on regular users like you and me. The result is once the magic happens and their application makes its way into the App store it could work nothing like they originally planned, have huge flaws, or not be received well by the public due to some oversight that could have been easily fixed had they done a beat run of the application, but due to Apple’s approval process they really didn’t have the opportunity to.

In an attempt to fix that problem Apple has announced that they are going to let developers do a limited beta of their applications with 100 iPhone users before their applications hit the streets for everyone. App developers and users can find each other, and the individual beta testers can be cleared to receive the beta version of an application and give it a test drive.

The lack of beta testing opportunities has been a real issue for developers who while already inevitably nervous about their applications become more so when they don’t have the opportunity to give do a beta run before it goes out to everyone. The “Ad-Hoc” program is currently up and running and is available for new application developers as well as developers who’s applications are currently awaiting approval from Apple.

Developers who want to do a beta run of their application can access the ad-hoc provisions directly from the iPhone Developer Program site. Once you’re found your beta testers you have to get the unique device identifier for their particular iPhone and then create a compiled version of your application specifically for that users iPhone. Beta testers should be able to download those applications from developers and them drop them directly in iTunes and sync them onto their phones.

This is a great opportunity for developers, as well as users who like to get a sneak peek of applications before they’re ready for the general public. Overall the addition of the program should alleviate some of the buggy programs out of the App Store and make for some much smoother running applications in the future.

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2 Responses to “Apple Launches Beta Testing for App Store Developers”

  1. Ryan Ray on July 25th, 2008 3:07 pm

    Nice to see you up and at ‘em Mrs. Price!

    Imagine if the apps weren’t given a test run by Apple, do you think we would have a mess of an App store or could iPhone and iPod users weed out the bad ones and let Apple know? Can’t wait to hear more from you!

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