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It’s been a crazy day for me here in my house. I’m working on my very own iPhone 3.0 review plus other video reviews to publish soon, I’m also trying to clean up and get work done for other clients despite leaving for a month on tour if the midwest. I haven’t started packing for that yet, that’s for tomorrow I guess. If you were unaware the new iPhone 3.0 software was released today, although it’s been available for awhile if you looked hard enough or torrented it. It was the same seed that the developers got just earlier this month, and sadly for us here in the U.S. AT&T is still slow on delivering us MMS and tethering. It’s really irritating isn’t it? The iPhone 3GS also comes out in two days, and if the person who bought mine would hurry and send me the payment I’d be going out to get my very iPhone 3GS to review for you all. You know, just part of the job. If I’m blogging about the iPhone I’ve got to have the latest and greatest right? Haha, none the less I sold my iPhone 3G and it pretty much paid for my iPhone 3GS.

Needless to say there are already some reviews out and I wanted to provide a quick roundup since I’ve done nothing else today to celebrate the news of the 3.0 OS being released. These of course come from all the big name tech people who are lucky enough to get their hands on an early iPhone 3GS. So let’s dig into them shall we?

iPhone 3G S

– Game Performance: “If you’re an avid gamer looking for the device with more power, the difference will be crystal clear: the 3G S obviously flexes in this department.”
– Olephobic screen: – “The most surprising thing about the tech is that it actually does what the company says it will: namely, it resists new smudges and wipes almost entirely clean with a single swipe on a pant leg.”
– Camera: “We do have some complaints about exposure, which seems to be permanently cranked to “blinding,” and while the shutter speed is faster than on the 3G, it’s still not quite snappy enough for our taste.”
– Video: “Video recording on the iPhone 3G S is really quite impressive”
– Compass: “Once the compass picks up your bearing, it rotates the map to reflect. This may not sound like much, but if you’ve ever tried to walk a new city using just maps and geolocation, you’ll understand quickly. ”
– Conclusion: “For current users, we have this to say: the iPhone 3G S is a solid spec bump to a phone you already own… but it is, at its core, a phone you already own. “

– Olephobic coating: “Surprisingly, the coating actually works in preventing a good deal of fingerprints and face grease, and it allows the phone to still be smooth and usable even if there are fingerprints on the surface.”
– Speed: ” Safari, Email, Camera all load noticeably faster than on the iPhone 3G (both running 3.0 software). Even booting the phone takes about half the time. ”
– Video: “Even if it’s not quite 30FPS at all times, the video is smooth as hell. Recording still isn’t great in low light since it’s a physical limitation of cameras in general, but at least it’s fluid.”
– 7.2Mbpz data speed: “on average the 3GS scored about 50% higher than the 3G, occasionally, in individual runs, it could have ranged anywhere from twice as fast to about the same speeds.”
– Battery: “What’s also surprising about the 3GS is that you wouldn’t expect battery life to be improved, but it is.”
– Conclusion: “The only issue with the iPhone 3GS, if you already have the 3G, is that it’s not all that different of an experience.” … “as a whole, the iPhone 3GS is the best all-around smartphone available”

– Voice: “In our tests, the voice dialing performed well.”
– Accessibility: “Visually impaired people can use Apple’s Voice Over to navigate the handset’s menus and type messages and e-mails. ”
– Camera; “good, but far from great, with decent photo quality, but no editing features.”
– Video: “you can trim only in a linear format–meaning you can’t cut out something in the middle and stitch the remaining two ends of the video together.”
– Speed: “For example, Bejewled 2, which can take up to 12 seconds to load on the iPhone 3G, started in just 5 seconds on the 3G S. Even better, Pocket God went from opening in almost 30 seconds to starting in just 11. The iPhone also started up much quicker than the iPhone 3G–we were up and running in 26 seconds instead of 50 seconds.”
– Conclusion: “If you don’t own an iPhone yet, and you’ve been waiting for the right model, now is the time to go for it. …. But, if you’re a current iPhone 3G owner, the answer isn’t so clear.”

There are a ton more reviews out there and really they all say the same thing so far. This iPhone will be a great and cheap upgrade from the original iPhone, and if you must have video recording then do splurge from the iPhone 3G as the video quality is very good. Otherwise they all mention that the software upgrade may be worth it’s own weight in gold and you won’t want to pay $400 plus to get the iPhone 3GS. Since my iPhone 3G sold for a fair amount and I love video I’ll be splurging since the reviews on that are good, have your thoughts or opinions changed since reading the reviews? Leave a comment and let me know, only 2 more days.

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