Apple Blocks Jailbreaking, Opinions?

October 14, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

First off, happy Wednesday to you. Here in Indiana it’s dreary and a little chilly. As I write to you though I’m warm indoors with a nice sweater and coffee. Perfect fall setting. With that in mind I wanted to ask you, what are your favorite apps for fall? I’m building a post for that, and want you the reader to have input on the post. Just trying something new. Leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite Halloween apps, apps for fall, etc…GET CREATIVE.

Well there is big news out on the Apple iPhone front today. It’s being touted as a huge story, although it’s really not. Does that make it ironic that I’m repeating it then? Anyway, here is what’s going down. Some people are noticing that Apple is shipping a different Boot ROM with their new iPhone 3GS’s. This simply means in my eyes that Apple has plugged an exploit, sadly this exploit was the ones that all of the Jailbreakers had been using to unlock their iPhone and allow just about anything on their device.

Be sure to not take me in the wrong way. I haven’t really made up my mind either way in Jailbreaking. I’ve been really happy with what my iPhone does for me at the moment, and I really need it’s reliability. I don’t absolutely hate jailbreaking though. I’ve actually got the app to jailbreak downloaded just have never taken the time to get her done, as they would say. I could really use some tethering action back on my iPhone, but for just one feature I don’t feel a whole Jailbreak is necessary.


With that said, a lot of the community is mad at Apple for seeming to intentionally block an exploit. It does seem that way at the moment. Even though it is an exploit Apple hasn’t sent out some kind of update to patch the exploit. This makes it look like they are just blocking the new iPhones from being Jailbroken. Also since they only patched the exploit the jailbreakers are using this also looks like another shot at that community. So is Apple really acting this evil right now? To make it fair, Apple should push this update to everyone. Eventually this may be the case with the next software update. Only time will tell.¬†On the other hand since I’m not using one of the new iPhones and not an avid jailbreaker I am glad that Apple is working towards patching their known exploits. From what I understand Apple is usually pretty good at patching known exploits in a timely manner.

So send in your opinions on this matter. We all know Apple should lean more towards making their device open, but they also have to protect profits and everything else that comes along with that. Leave a comment and let me know. What’s your thoughts on Apple closing a known exploit but that also disables the jail break opportunity?

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2 Responses to “Apple Blocks Jailbreaking, Opinions?”

  1. David on October 16th, 2009 8:39 pm

    The new bootrom doesn’t block jailbreaking, despite the blog postings to the contrary. The filesystem can still be jailbroken regardless. Rather, without the 24kpwn exploit that was plugged, a jailbroken phone won’t be able to reboot without being tethered to a PC or to at least a dongle that can issue a specific command via USB during reboot. So, you can jailbreak, but the result is more inconvenient since you need to take care not to let the battery die down and hope that there isn’t a major crash that triggers a reboot outside of range of a PC/dongle to which to tether and get the device booted back up again.

  2. Ryan Ray on October 23rd, 2009 11:50 am

    Thanks a ton David for clearing that up for both myself and everyone else. Glad you shared!

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