The App Store Is On Fire

August 16, 2008 by Ryan Ray 

This is what all of the iPhone 3G craze is really all about. Yeah 3G speed is nice, and Exchange will start making great headways into the corporate world. But really this is what people have been yearning for since the mention of the iPhone. We knew the iPhone would run a variant of OS X, and in turn that meant the iPhone could run applications just like our Macs could. Sadly enough the first iPhone was released with what seems like now little kiddy apps. Calendar, weather, stocks, notes…. UGH boring! At the time though those apps were all we had. I loved checking the weather, playing with the timer, and adding numbers in calculater. Don’t get me wrong though YouTube and Google Maps were some awesome applications that were on the original iPhone, but it came to a time to let the Mac developers have their chance at the iPhone software.

Skip ahead almost a year and Apple is announcing the SDK, and the roadmap to the launch of the app store. People were ecstatic that they were now going to allow apps on the iPhone… sort of. There were certain stipulations if you were to build an app for the iPhone. For instance it couldn’t be a data hog, you can’t tether your iPhone with an app, and you can’t build an app that is malicious. These are things not many Mac developers were thinking of but they were there to protect our sweet iPhones. The developers got to work developing and we all waited for the 2.0 launch for our awesome apps.

Finally the day came and the app store launched. Some of you nuts got ahold of the 2.0 software a day early, and the app store took off like a rocket. I think we all knew the app store was going to be a success but how big would this store be? No one knew until recently. In the last few weeks Apple has finally released some information about the app store, and even released stats to the developers. Seems like another one of those weird things about Apple, not letting developers access their own stats. Nonetheless we’ll go over how big this app store really is.

First big stat first, the app store has brought in over $30 million in sales in the first month. That’s huge if you really think about it. This obviously doesn’t take into consideration the free apps, but at $30 million that means that Apple took home a sweet $9 million if my math’s right. Apple says they’ve had over 60 million downloads with most of those being free apps, but Steve Jobs pointed out they are selling about $1 million worth of apps a day. Not bad at all, I’ve never heard of these kinds of numbers with any other platform. Maybe Adobe can release some numbers on their first month of CS3 sales, or Microsoft will tell us lies about the first month if Vista sales, haha. Not even the original Mac developing platform has this kind of central location to buy apps for your computer. Perhaps that’s the trick to getting people to buy applications. I’m going to patent that idea for the Mac app store, so no one steal it! Also confirmed by Steve Jobs which I mentioned on this website was the KILL SWITCH.

Now here are some of the developers stats. The developer Tap tap tap published their first month stats and they sold $50,597.40 worth of their app called Where To? By the way, I hope to get a review up of Where To? This is also their earnings after Apple’s 30% cut, quite a taking on a $2.99 app don’t you think? Another developer that goes by the name MintApps shows another side of the app store. Their app Mint Nutrition launched on July 21 at $4.99. While only being in the top 800 apps they’ve made $1,900 in revenue. This is about $158 a day, and goes to show you that to break into the top 50 apps like Where To? did is a big deal for your app.

In the end the iPhone app store is a genious idea, and like I said I’m patenting the idea for the Mac app store. Don’t get any funny ideas, but in all seriousness it’s great that Apple listened to what we wanted on the iPhone. They did do the apps their way, in a controlled environment but they gave us 3rd party apps. They’re still working out all the kinks of the store itself but it’s coming together. With apps being updated quicker, and being approved much faster I think they are on the way to having quite a gold mine in this app store. Now just give me my turn by turn software and we’ll be friends again Apple. What do you guys think? I know you are all iPhone nuts so give me your opinion on the app store. Good or bad? You let me know!

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