App Store Updates Like Christmas Morning

September 29, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

This is going to be quite the light hearted post. Just wanted to break the rhythm of reviewing apps, demanding this or that from Apple, etc… Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things about the iPhone and it’s app store. That of course is App updates.

We all know how important the developers are to the platform, and how awesome they are too! These developers work their magic and they work it often in the app store. Much faster than any other platform out there. Mac OS X updates for it’s software or for itself don’t even come close to coming this fast. This is one thing that is different and that makes the app experience on the iPhone lots of fun.

Now stay with me for a second here. Think back to your early days as a child, can you remember how you felt each and every year when Christmas time would roll around? Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas think about your favorite holiday that you got the most excited for. I can remember we had a countdown hanging on our hallway wall. Every morning I’d get up and rip one of the pieces of velcro off of it and proudly proclaim that Christmas is coming. It’s now only an x amount of days away!

Let’s go back to the app store for just a second now. I get almost as excited when people make great apps for the iPhone, except I don’t have to wait until that one time a year that it happens. It’s great to know developers are always working on new and exciting features. There is so much potential within apps and I think the reason I love it is just that. Paid or free apps they both usually work the same.

For instance three of my favorite apps that are always updated are Pocket God, Four Square, and Weather. The developers for these apps often refine their user interface, add new features, or just add new levels/goals to the game.

Anyway, with all of that said. I love seeing new app updates and definitely think it’s something unique to this platform at how fast the developers work on their apps. Much love to the developers!

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