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October 5, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

It’s Monday, I know. I feel it too, I just played in a one day ultimate tourney yesterday and my body is beat up. Not to mention doing home work and trying to keep up with everything all weekend. Now I’m here sleep deprived and making it through the day with some coffee and patience. This Monday I’m going to be trying something new for my review writing skills. Care to take a guess what that is? If you guessed sports then you are correct. I’ve yet to review any of the sports apps, and considering it’s fall and definitely football season we’re going to get into it.

We’re starting with college football, definitely relevant for my age group and many others. Not a bad place to start eh? I thought so. I need to be honest with you up front real quick. I’m not a huge football fan, the only sport I’m in love with is Ultimate Frisbee. There aren’t any apps for that yet so until then I’m just going to have to talk about all of these other sports.

The app is called College Football Live, and so far it’s the cheapest (FREE) and most in depth that I’ve seen. If you know of a better one be sure to let me know. I spent as much time as I could browsing the reviews and trying out a few of them. Most of the reviews on iTunes note that this app isn’t update for the 2009 season, but I’m not having a hard time seeing upcoming games or live games when they are happening. The developer says there is an update waiting for approval to push even more fixes for the 2009 season. Once that goes live I think the app will be a great one.

The screen shot below is a part of the My Teams feature. Here you can save your favorite teams to this list. Hopefully you only have a few and not a few hundred. The only one I’ve added here is Mizzou since I’m from Missouri, and Penn State for my roommate Jordan who is a huge fan of the Nittany Lions. It’s really easy to add your team, just tap add more teams and search for them!

Favorite Teams

At the time of grabbing these screen shots there was actually a game going on, which helps to show the features of the LIVE part of this app. I think this is my favorite part of the application. It will show you all of the live games going on at the moment. It will show you on this cool display where the ball is at on the field and who is on offense and defense, the downs, what quarter it is, time left in that said quarter, etc… Just about anything you could need to follow a live game. There’s even a funny section called SmackTalk where you can add your jeers into all of the others posted. Just to add some friendly rivalry, or perhaps not so friendly.

College FB

Then of course once your game is over you can always check the polls and see where everyone is at in their standings as well. It’s early in the season, so there’s not too much yet but I imagine there will be as it progresses.


The app is full featured enough for me, and I hope another football veteran will back me up in that. It’s given me everything I’d want to see if I couldn’t watch the game live. Often at Ultimate Tourney’s people ask to see my iPhone and check the scores. Now that I have this app that makes it easy for everyone. Although I’m probably going to tell them to get their own iPhone and pay attention to the Ultimate game instead of worrying about if Michigan beats Michigan State. Let me know if you’ve got a better app for me to check out, and I will do so. Have a great Monday and thanks for reading. Leave some comment love!

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