AirPlay & The iPhone

September 21, 2010 by Ryan Ray 

For us in the jailbreak community software updates are usually late coming for us. We make sure we can preserve our jailbreak status before even touching the newest software from Apple. We all know that upgrading will erase any notion of a jailbreak that you used to enjoy. With that said I’m very tempted to dump jailbreak for this new feature that will be coming along with the iOS 4.2 update.

This update will finally bring the iPad up to date on the iOS family and add a lot of great functionality we already experience on our iPhones to the iPad. I don’t want to talk about the iPad right now though, this is a website about the iPhone! The thing I want to point out that will be coming to all iOS devices is this great thing dubbed AirPlay.

We all know about something Apple has had for awhile called AirTunes, but this was really limited in what it did. You could get an airport express that oddly enough hooked up to a stereo and then you could stream your iTunes to any speakers hooked up to it. Finally though Apple raised the bar and has created AirPlay. AirPlay goes perfectly well with the new AppleTV and I’m so excited to get mine and play around with this. With the AppleTV you can now stream anything from any iOS device upgraded to 4.2 to the AppleTV. So say you come to hang out at my house and you have a great new movie on your iPhone. Just stream it straight to my TV! I love that idea. Even better is when there are more AirPlay ready devices and you can bring your music with you from room to room, or from your house to a friends! This is what they showed us of AirPlay on the iPad below…

You can be watching a movie on your iPad and walk into your living room and switch it right to the AppleTV… Genius! I hope this as well as other standards Apple is working on become widely adopted so other devices besides iOS devices can take advantage of the cool features. Just try and imagine Windows machines, and Androids working as one with iOS devices and AirPlay gadgets.

Anyway, I’ve posted a video below of an AirPlay demo so you can see what exactly I’m talking about. What do you all think about this new feature? Worth erasing a jailbreak for, or should I wait?

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