Simply put, the Apple iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry.  Never before has a mobile device been so sleek and “cool” while offering capabilities that rival a laptop computer.  The iPhone is essentially your all-in-one gadget on the go and includes phone, iPod, camera, GPS, Internet, apps, and games.  It’s really no wonder people like us go nuts for this thing. is a resource and fan site for iPhone nuts by iPhone nuts. The site offers unique iPhone news, rumors, reviews, hacks, and everything else you can imagine. We’re all obsessed with the iPhone here and we’re here to give you your daily fix!

Rather than rehashing the same old iPhone news circulating everyone else around the Internet, we want to provide fresh insights and perspectives that make you laugh, cry, and gape in amazement. Our primary focus is to share with you our own first-hand experiences to help you relate to your iPhone. Being an iPhone nut is not a disease, I promise. :)

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Meet the iPhone Nuts

Ryan Ray
ryan rayMy name is Ryan, born on September 14 in 1987. Grew up in the midwest in a small town. At a young age I took great interest in media. At first it was just music, but know it encompasses everything I want to do. I go to school at Anderson University, in Anderson Indiana. I love this school! Here I study Marketing, Music Business, and Mass Communications. Other things I am into include ultimate frisbee (check out my team here), drumming, and media. I crave MEDIA!! I am going to start my own media company. I love video, film, photography, illustration, art, design, creativity, style, etc… and my Mac! If you were worried about my sanity, I also have a smoking hot, very beautiful girlfriend that keeps me sane. This website and the other three that I own and manage are just the next step in an extension of who I am as a creative individual. I’ll make mistakes, you might think I look idiotic, but that’s ok. Head here to read about what I am up to, or to my contact page here to add me on facebook, twitter, flickr, etc… (NO MYSPACE) Just stay current with me. Thanks for stopping by.

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