A Snow Day With The iPhone 3G

January 30, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Here in the eastern part of the Midwest we’ve been COVERED with snow. There is probably close to one foot of the white powdery stuff on the ground. I woke up to our Universities alert system letting me know we were know running on two hour delay, which means any classes before 10 am were cancelled. Then not to much later everything was cancelled. It was one of the best things to hear, and one of the rarest things all at once. So I went back to bed since now I could get up whenever I want and get some lunch.

After getting some extra sleep in and waking feeling very rejuvenated I wanted to get out and experience this foot of snow. Then the thought came to me, how can my iPhone help me when it comes to snow. Off to the app store I went, I searched for some apps that involve the snow. Many are made for you skiers out there. They show current conditions on the mountains with amount of snowfall,wind, etc… Thankfully I found some others that were fun to play with and free that didn’t involve mountains as right now I’m in the middle of Indiana. A pretty flat place if you’ve never been. Very similar to Kansas…With that said here are my top 3 snow apps for your iPhone.

#3 – Snow Touch Lite

Snow touch is a simple app, I mean REALLY simple. It lets you watch snow fall, but with the effects of the accelormeter built in. As you can see you pick the density of snow flakes and how fast they fall. Completely customizable if you like to see your snow wind blow fast or falling slow and sparingly.


#2 –  Santa Snow Ball Lite

This is the ONLY game out there that has to do with snow, can you believe that? Obviously then it deserves to be included in our list of things to do on a snow day. Obviously here Santa has to kill all the bad men and evil elves with his crazy arms and snowballs. The lite version has one level and it’s free, so definitely check it out. I sat inside and played this game after having my own snowball fight. The game is much more traumatic I’d say.


#1 – The North Face App

This is by far the most useful and coolest snow app there is right now. This is the first time the iPhone and it’s app store have been together for a snowy season, so hopefully more come next time. Right now though, this one rocks. There are many apps out there that do similar things as the North Face app, but they all cost money when The North Face App is free. It is basically an app that will tell you how much snow fell and which resort it fell it. It’s made for skiers and snowboarders clearly. But it goes further offering almost an unlimited supply of resorts. It tells you if they are closed, has a trail map which looks awesome (see below), and even can take you to the resorts website. Just incase you want to check it out and  contact them. I’m impressed that North Face put together such an awesome app. This is definitely number one in my book.

northface-1 northface-2

I’ve successfully given you all the tools you need on a snowy day, especially if you love to ski or snowboard. I know someone out there does. Take these tools and wait for the snow to come, be careful and have fun. Thoughts or comments let me know, thanks for reading!

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