3 Ways To Waste Time On The iPhone

October 26, 2009 by Ryan Ray 

Monday is here again, the slow, boring day that it usually is. While some of you head to work, I must head to class and take tests, quizzes, etc… Speaking of that I want to apologize for a lackluster week last week. Besides being super busy my Great Grandmother passed away and I was back in MO for the services. Now that I’ve caught up to class and work I’ve a break to talk to you about 3 of my favorite apps to help pass the time away. Now I’m not saying that during work, or class you should be utilizing these techniques to pass the time. Although I will admit that I am very guilty of doing so, these are for when you have time to kill and would rather use an app to do so instead of counting the threads in the carpet.

I was inspired by this after traveling all last week, and also inspired from sitting through boring classes. There is always points in the day when you can pass some time by using your iPhone.


Here are my top three apps that at the moment are my favorite ways to pass the time.

#3 – FML, TWI, ProTip apps

Technically there are 3 whole apps right here, but that’s the kind of bonus you get when you’re here with me. I’ve included these three in one because really they are all very similar. They are all made by the same people Enormego. If you’ve ever browsed and read then you already know what these three apps are like. F my life contains some pretty crazy stories about the bad luck that people have experienced. TWI is texts while intoxicated. Which is you guessed it, texts from intoxicated people. Contains some funny pictures, but isn’t for everyone. ProTip offers a nice sarcastic view on life and the following tips are often as humorous as can be. I wouldn’t recommend following their tips, take them more as a do not do tip.

#2 – Shovel

I’ve heard rumors that there is an official Digg application on the way. It better be free too and have some great functionality! Until then there is a wonderful application called Shovel. It only lets you read the stories on Digg, you can’t comment or anything but that is Digg’s fault. They don’t open their API for developers to do so.

#1 – Any Twitter App

Twitter is an ultimate way to pass the time. At least in my opinion. It’s so awesome to have a simple way to see what the whole world is talking about. Not to mention your followers. Interact with people across the world. It may just be me but I find that a very awesome opportunity. Here you have quite the choice of apps to use. My favorite three have been Tweetie, Tweetdeck and Twittelator Pro. There are so many though so make your own decision if you don’t like mine. :)

So that is that, this is how I pass the time when I’ve got nothing better to do. That’s a rare occurrence but it does happen. I’m addicted to my iPhone and it definitely is nice to have around for instances such as this. Let me know what you think. What do you do when you have time to kill? Do you even use your iPhone, and if so what app? Leave a comment or send us a reply on Twitter. Have a great Monday, thanks for reading!

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