3 Great iPhone Security Tips

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You’re one of those people aren’t you? Obviously since you clicked to read this article. You read the title and immediately you freaked. You started breathing heavily, leaned to the edge of your chair, and put on your tinfoil hat. You HATE it when other people can pry into your information,¬†particularly¬†into your phone. All of your contacts are sitting there, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, pictures, just waiting for a hacker to take over them. Remember what’s happened to a few celebrities when their phones were hacked? In particular I remember Pete Wentz and Paris Hilton’s phones were easily exploited. Perhaps you have risky pictures on there as Mr. Wentz did, or maybe you have secret dates or emails other eyes shouldn’t see.

I know I am slightly paranoid about my email and text messages although there is nothing there that I have to hide. It’s just that when something is yours, something as personal as the iPhone you don’t want other people pretending it’s theirs either. What do we do then, when it comes to the iPhone to secure it from the outside. The iPhone is an incredible communications device, we all know that. But with so many ways to communicate, EDGE, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, among other things it leaves the iPhone vulnerable. Well I’ve got the thing just for you. I’ve got my 3 top tips on securing your iPhone, and they are as follows…


3 – Browse Smart Wifi

Wifi is an awesome thing to have on the iPhone, it’s much faster than EDGE or even 3G, but that doesn’t it make it safer by any means. The first thing you need to do before joining a Wifi network is see if it’s password protected. If you have access to those passwords use those networks when you can, which brings us to the next thing. Don’t let your iPhone join random, uknown networks simply by turning on the Ask to Join Network feature. Therefore you’ll be prompted before joining a risky network. It works even better if you turn off the feature completely. Just incase your secured network at home is named linksys but then you go to a unsecured one of the same name and your left open for attack.

2 -Setup Your Mail Securely

This means you have to have an email provider that supports SSL. If you are getting your email through an Exchange server then it’s already pretty secure, but if you are like me and use Gmail or other services such as that make sure you enable SSL. SSL stands for secure socket layer and when using this it encrypts your mail being sent and received by your iPhone. Check your settings under the main settings, then mail, contacts and calendar, then pick which email account to check to make sure SSL is on.

1 – Enable Auto Lock/Passcode Lock

Auto lock is one of the most basic feature of the iPhone but is a great step especially if combine with Passcode to keep your iPhone secure. Mines set to one minute before my screen locks, and it’s nice. Auto lock is under the main settings then General and then the Auto lock tab. Now since you’ve got your screen set to auto lock you need to make sure no one can get back in after the screen is locked. That’s done with a Passcode. A Passcode on the iPhone is a simple 4 digit number that you can assign and must enter before unlocking your iPhone for use. To enable head back to the iPhone’s settings then general tab and then passcode lock. From there you make up your passcode and take the next step to a very secure iPhone. You can also tell the iPhone when that passcode should be asked for, after one minute, five, or 15, etc…

With these three tips you should have quite the secure and safe iPhone. Just don’t give away your passwords or passcodes and you are set! There are tons of other ways to secure your iPhone besides these three, which we should cover later, but I felt these were most important for the immediate safety of your iPhone. If you have some tips do let me know, help us all out by making our iPhones secure! Thanks for reading you guys.

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3 Responses to “3 Great iPhone Security Tips”

  1. Newleo on July 26th, 2009 8:15 am

    Lame article… iPhone is too insecure to tell people this 3 steps will do the trick. There has to be some firewall for iPhone, this would be a better step 1

  2. Ryan Ray on July 30th, 2009 1:03 pm

    Thanks for the feedback Newleo, do you know of a firewall app possibly? Perhaps you should grab that niche and make one for us pleeease! :)

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