Top 5 of 25 : Boxed In Free

August 31, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Hello to everyone again, this is the first day of classes for me. I just ate lunch and have an hour to blog and tell you about this app that was at #3 when I started the series but is sitting at spot #1 right now. Goes to show just how quickly the app store changes. This is again a game, just as sheep launcher was. It’s the free version so you, of course, only get about 5 or so levels. You can easily grab more levels if you buy the full version, which RIGHT NOW is free in the app store. Do you what you can and hurry and grab the free FULL version. As a side note don’t confuse this game titled Boxed In with another iPhone app titled Boxed-In. The hyphen is important to be aware of.

Top 5 of 25 : Discovery Channel App

August 30, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Happy Sunday to everyone, hope all is well in your world. I’ll be starting my senior year of college tomorrow, excited and definitely not ready for class. Hopefully they don’t keep me as busy as last year. That was rough. Anyway, just wanted to check in with everyone. Today we’ll be hitting the second app in this short series called “The Top 5 of The Top 25 Free Apps” This app was sitting in the second spot when I recorded and edited the video that goes a long with this, but now that I checked it’s dropped to third place in the app store. Not a big deal, just hopefully it doesn’t drop much quicker!

It’s Here Facebook 3.0 On The iPhone

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It’s here, it is FINALLY here. All of the internet has been dying for the update to the Facebook app, and for good reason too. The original Facebook app wasn’t living up to it’s potential. Given that Facebook had changed a lot since they had updated the iPhone app it was time. I believe one of the developers of the app had leaked a little bit about the app. Sent out some screenshots, gave some hints. That got everyone excited, and waiting for Apple to approve the app. Honestly I would say the hype was over hyped, but I definitely believe the updated app is an excellent update.

Top 5 of 25 : Sheep Blaster Free

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Now that I’m semi settled into school I’ve got to get back to talking about the iPhone. One thing to look forward to in the near future is an actual product review. I haven’t opened the box yet, but I’m hoping it’s going to be a great product. I will hopefully have that for you as soon as possible. I’ve got a crazy week coming up so we will see. Anyway, today I’m starting a quick series. It only has one requirement for an app to make it into this series. It’s officially titled; Top 5 of the Top 25 Free Apps. In other words the top 5 apps right now under the free section of the app store. Perhaps after this series we will do the top 5 paid ones as well.

What The iPhone Needs; Waterproof Sealing

August 24, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Welcome back to what I like to call wishful thinking, otherwise known as What The iPhone Needs. My own little, sort of, column where I can dream and complain about what I think the iPhone needs. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, and since today I’m on the road moving back to school I thought it was about time to just vent.

Track Your Web Stats Bonus App

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Luckily for you guys I’ve got another analytic app to add to the review I did just a few days ago. That one was Analytics Pro v. Ego, two very worthy apps on their own. Now though I think I’ve really found the champion of analytic apps, at least for me that is. Everyone is different of course so just check it out and see what you think. Hopefully with the 3 apps I’ve recommended and tested you can pick one out for yourself. Remember you can always go to the app store and search for more too, I’m sure I can’t cover every app possible. Anyway let’s begin shall we?

Post Photos Everywhere With PhotoScatter iPhone App

August 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

You thought the photo apps were done for, hah. Well so did I for awhile. That was until we’ve been in touch with Ryan Wade and the people over at UniqueApps that sent us a great app to review. It does belong in the photo category, but trust me it’s worthwhile app to talk about. It’s funny to me that if you remember when wrapping up the Photo App series I talked about an app called Klick, it was a little glitchy but it uploaded your photos to Flickr. Now I think I’ve found a contender that works well and also let’s you upload your photos to Twitter, Picasa, Facebook, Shutterfly, and Photobucket.

Track Your Web Stats On The iPhone

August 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 1 Comment 

This is a battle royal between two apps that I’ve found to track your web stats. Sadly they aren’t free, but they both are easy to setup, easy to read your data, and offer some great features to boot. If you’ve ever wanted to be anywhere, doing anything, and see how your websites are doing then this is the review for you. Come and read about these apps and see which one is for you.

iPhone 3G S Reviewed My Way.

August 19, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

The iPhone 3G S has been out for awhile, I even went out and bought it the day it was released after selling my iPhone 3G on Ebay. If you can recall I was often debating it back and forth. Should I get the new iPhone or wait for another year until the next one comes out. Well I decided it depended on if my iPhone 3G sold well on Ebay. Obviously it did and I went out to get my iPhone 3G S. I’ve been using the heck out of it ever since.

Blast Away With Ragdoll Blaster

August 18, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

We’re in the clear now to do some reviews of something other than a photo app. If you missed out on any of that then just click HERE and read them all. I know you want to. After a series like that I thought I would come back with a video review of one of my new favorite apps. The app is called Ragdoll Blaster and is made by Backflip Studios, who also make another one of my favorite games called Paper Toss. Ragdoll Blaster if you can guess from the title of the app, is a game that involves you shooting ragdolls out of a cannon and trying to hit a red target. Now that may sound simple, but as each level progresses the tricks to hitting the target become increasingly difficult. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

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