The iPhone 3.0 Software Review w/ Full Video

June 20, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

This is my iPhone 3.0 Software review. I’m going to keep it short and to the point as I am sure everyone reading this has been playing with their 3.0 software and loving it. Plus I just got the 3G S and I need to start reviewing it! I’ve got video reviews to do, voice control, compass, speed tests, camera improvements, etc… before anyone else gets to it right?! Once again if you haven’t been able to download the 3.0 software or just afraid to try, please wait no longer and connect your iPhone/iPod and download it NOW!

TweetDeck is Crowned Twitter Champion on the iPhone

June 18, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Once again there is a new Twitter app out for the iPhone. If you are unaware that Twitter and the iPhone pretty much are married, and go perfect together. There are so many Twitter apps flooding the app store that it’s often hard to pick one and say it covers everything you want it to. At least for me that was the case. I remember at one time having three twitter apps to cover all of my bases. Even many of the apps I have that aren’t twitter have some kind of tie in to twitter itself. For example the AP Mobile News app let’s you share stuff through Twitter. It’s becoming insane, and honestly I love it. Twitter has shown quite a few uses for itself.

Apple iPhone 3GS Review Roundup

June 17, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 1 Comment 

It’s been a crazy day for me here in my house. I’m working on my very own iPhone 3.0 review plus other video reviews to publish soon, I’m also trying to clean up and get work done for other clients despite leaving for a month on tour if the midwest. I haven’t started packing for that yet, that’s for tomorrow I guess. If you were unaware the new iPhone 3.0 software was released today, although it’s been available for awhile if you looked hard enough or torrented it. It was the same seed that the developers got just earlier this month, and sadly for us here in the U.S. AT&T is still slow on delivering us MMS and tethering. It’s really irritating isn’t it? The iPhone 3GS also comes out in two days, and if the person who bought mine would hurry and send me the payment I’d be going out to get my very iPhone 3GS to review for you all. You know, just part of the job. If I’m blogging about the iPhone I’ve got to have the latest and greatest right? Haha, none the less I sold my iPhone 3G and it pretty much paid for my iPhone 3GS.

Bored At The Office? Paper Toss on The iPhone

June 16, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 4 Comments 

It’s only a matter of hours before the iPhone 3.0 software is released. Full of great features like MMS, copy and paste, etc.. so what are we going to do to pass the time? Well being iPhone nuts, we are going to pass the time by playing games on our iPhones until 3.0 is available. By the way, I’ve got a copy of the 3.0 software and will be reviewing it so when it’s officially out tomorrow you guys will know all the tricks and new feaures, inside and out. It’s going to be a great week to be an iPhone owner, especially if it’s your first iPhone.

iPhone 3G S, Already Sold Out?

June 15, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 


Surprise, surprise… As I sit here and write to you and 1:30 in the morning my time I’m reading a news update on that AT&T has already sold out of iPhone 3G S through their online pre-order. Throughout this whole ordeal it seems to me and the rest of the world I’m sure, that AT&T has really dropped the ball this time around on this years iPhone launch. They seem to act like they are out in the dark on everything that Apple has done, which isn’t the case since every other carrier was on the ball when June 8th came around. So like I said is it any surprise that the iPhone is out of stock already through AT&T?

All Recipes & The iPhone Replace Your Cookbooks

June 12, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Let’s focus on something else besides the lame iPhone 3Gs for a second. Hah, only kidding the iPhone 3Gs is great of course because it’s an iPhone and Apple made it. Quick poll first…How many of you are planning on getting the iPhone 3Gs? I still can’t decide if it’s worth an update, obviously because I have to spend $400 to get the iPhone 3Gs. We’ll just see how much my iPhone 3G will sell for. If worse comes to worse I’ll get the new version next year! While everyone else cries about not being able to upgrade from the iPhone 3Gs.

TomTom Finally Brings Turn By Turn To The iPhone

June 10, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Can you believe your ears, or your eyes as you will see in the video, TomTom has finally done it. A true turn by turn GPS app is coming to the iPhone. This is a day for celebrating everyone, and let me tell you why. For the last year I’ve been harping the fact that Apple HAS to let someone build a great turn by turn app. The iPhone 3G came out and had built in GPS, how could you not have a turn by turn app. Well maybe there is something holding them up, like AT&T again. Gosh I want to kick AT&T right where it hurts, but that’s besides the point.

Palm Pre & iTunes Working Together

June 9, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

As much as this has to do with the Palm Pre, this has to do with the iPhone. As you all may or may not know the Palm Pre is supposedly the holy grail for Palm. It’s no secret that Palm has been in trouble for quite some time. Even long before the iPhone came along Palm was in need of a great phone to save itself. At one time in my life I actually did own a Palm Treo. I don’t remember which one it was maybe the 650? Some weird number naming scheme that no one can remember. It had a touchscreen, semi worked and semi didn’t. It also came with those things that we use to call stylus. It was an ironic name because nothing about the stylus was stylish. That’s why when the Blackberry came along it was the king of cool, effectively putting Palm in it’s coffin. As they say and I firmly believe the iPhone was the nail to that coffin. It hasn’t came to fruition yet, but it will happen. Luckily for Palm the Pre will keep it afloat a little longer. I was hoping that yesterday Apple would give us some great news about the iPhone, instead we got a decent update and crap from AT&T. No tethering until late in the summer? A BIG WTF for AT&T, I love my iPhone but AT&T really needs to get with it to keep Apple’s partnership. Otherwise you are going to have over 40 million unhappy iPhone owners jumping ship.

The iPhone 3GS; The S Stands For Speed

June 9, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Well it’s all over and we’re still here digesting the WWDC announcements. I was thouroughly impressed with what Apple brought to the table today. The new Macbook Pro’s are rocking, perhaps I’ll be picking up the new Macbook Pro 13″ and letting my dear mother upgrade into the worlf of Intel Macs ;) . The better screen, SD card slot, and upgraded specs are great! But how about the iPhone 3GS, where you a little let down too? I was slightly let down, but only from the lack of exterior design changes. It looks like the old iPhone 3G, haha. How will anyone know that I have a brand new iPhone 3GS if it looks the same?

Is This The Next Gen iPhone? Rumor Roundup

June 8, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Finally the day is here, the 2009 WWDC Keynote is only a few mere hours away. The excitement keeps building for me and I hope it is doing so for everyone else. I know here at this site us iPhone nuts are expecting some big news, and big announcements as well. From not only some news about Snow Leopard, which could see it’s release any day now supposedly, to an update to Apple’s laptops that could be looming. The thing we REALLY want to see is some iPhone news. There’s been a crazy amount of rumors swirling around the internet, but I wanted to provide a short roundup of what is expected, so follow along. This is from as I believe they provide the best roundup of anyone.

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