Harness A Tornado With Your iPhone

May 29, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

One last game review is coming your way, but first can I say I’m so glad you put up with my rants and ramblings. I enjoy talking about the iPhone and hopefully through that everyone picks up a different insight or learns something new. But let’s get into it shall we. I think after my stint on these free games we’ll move onto something else, like photography. I’ve got some stuff on that to share soon.

Is This The New iPhone’s Bezel?

May 28, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

As we are all aware there is a new iPhone coming out this summer. To be honest I often forget that it’s summer time and that the WWDC is very close upon us. Not only does Apple use WWDC as a place to talk about their flagship operating system it’s often a great place for them to announce new hardware. This time around everyone is assuming they will be shedding light on the new operating system Snow Leopard, but that is besides the fact. The new iPhone is due this summer and they have used WWDC as the launching pad to not only show off the next generation of iPhones, but to announce when we can get our hands on it.

Driving The Free iPhone Stunt Car

May 27, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Alright after doing the obligatory healthy app review in between the last game review and this one, I feel a little better about telling you about this game that’s been sitting at the top of the app store for awhile. Luckily it’s being given away for free, and not only that it has 99 levels that come with it again for free! There are plenty of driving games out there like crash bandicoot, etc… but this is the best free one I’ve come across.

Run Keeper Tracks Your Running

May 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

This is another post for any of you fitness nuts/nerds out there. If you missed my review where I confess my love for Lose It! Then check that out HERE for more health orientated reviewing. I should review more fitness apps which therefore could in turn get me in shape! That’s a great idea if I’ve ever heard one. Now that we all know how lazy and sloth like I am, let’s talk about this app that has been out in the app store for quite awhile. It goes by the name RunKeeper, and I picked up the free version. As you’ll later discover the only difference between the free and $9.99 version is that in the paid version you get voice cues every 5 minutes or some time increment such as that. These cues tell you how far you’ve gone, how fast you are going, etc… I know some runners who don’t like to fumble with their iPhone on their armband to see how they are doing so those cues are worth it to some. For me I only sometimes last for 15 minutes running, so those cues would only happen 3 times. I don’t have a need for those cues yet.

Take Your iPhone Fishing With Flick Fishing.

May 21, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

First off I hope everyone reading is a big fishing fan, otherwise if you are not it’s going to make this review boring for you! I apologize if fishing isn’t your thing, but bear with me as you may be hooked (hah get it, good one huh?) after we talk about this app.

How To Walk & Type An Email.

May 16, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

All over the United States not to mention the world, it’s becoming more and more dangerous to use your cell phone. First off it’s a little how do you say, stupid, to text and drive. Or even talk on the phone and drive. Many states require you to use a bluetooth headset to talk on the phone while you drive, which is something I agree with but think they should subsidize it a little bit. For example I know Jawbone was running a special in California where if you got a ticket for talkin on you cell phone they’d give you $20 off one of their headsets. A pretty sweet deal, but I don’t want a ticket to get my discount!

Top 3 Uses For The iPhone’s Camera

May 15, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

As of lately this is one of the greatest¬†revelations¬†I’ve had in my daily iPhone use. Want to know what it is? It’s the camera! Being a photography junky I know that the iPhone’s camera isn’t top of the line quality, and that initially turned me off from ever using my iPhone’s camera. It was semi slow, clunky, and only rings in at 2.0 megapixels. Also there’s no flash or zooming…BUMMER! This was until a man that goes by the name Chase Jarvis opened my blind eyes to a fun tool we have on our iPhones. Mr. Jarvis claims to take between 1-1,000 pictures a day with his iPhone, and since he’s a professional photographer I believe it. His website even has it’s own iPhone portfolio, you should CHECK it out.