Apple Releasing a “Media Pad” & “iPhone Lite”

April 29, 2009 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Welcome back to some more rumors about an iPhone Lite/Nano, and potentially a new device dubbed the “Media Pad.” I know at one time I said I would no longer talk about the iPhone Nano, but I guess I lied. This rumor that I’ve picked up from is worthy of another discussion, as it doesn’t solely focus on the iPhone Nano, it brings in many new angles on the future of this device or devices.

What The iPhone Needs; Wiimote Capabilities

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If you ever stop and think about the technology that is untapped in the iPhone, and the possibilities that could come from taking full advantage of these. Well they really are endless. For example look at how simple the wiimote is. It has all of the controls we are used to from Nintendo built in, just in case you are in classic mode and want the old style remote. The great part about the wiimote though is the gestures. This made playing Tennis, Golf, Baseball, almost realistic. If you swung the wiimote like a golf club it was similar to a real club. If you took a swing with the wiimote it was almost like hitting a real home run. This improved a lot of the gameplay in games, and is guaranteed to be the factor that pushed the wiimote to the top. Even without HD output like the PS3 or XBOX 360.

Road Trip With The iPhone

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Finally Spring is here and that means the weather outside it quite beautiful. After the gloomy Winter here you can definitely feel the spirits lifting and the anticipation rising as Summer break gets closer and closer. With that said it’s definitely time to blow off some steam and take a trip to some exotic location or just head to the nearest lake and hang out with friends. To do so requires a little planning, and if you own an iPhone we’re going to go over some apps to make your road trip a success. Grab the fishing poles, or skateboards, or whatever it is you do and read along.

Rowmote Rocks The iPhone

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As promised from a previous post I wanted to let you all know about the greatness that is Rowmote. We all know about the iTunes remote and that works just fine for what it does. Actually it serves a whole other purpose than what Rowmote does. I really love iTune DJ with the iTunes Remote app, but when it comes to watching media Rowmote rules them all. Particularly if you want to watch a movie this app is great. Combine these two apps together and your remote world is complete.

iPhone To Have A Front Facing Camera?

April 20, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 1 Comment 

This was the biggest rumor in the months leading to the iPhone 3G launch. So many people were convinced that the iPhone would have a front facing camera. Made specially for video chatting. The iPhone was going to go 3G so video chatting was and still is entirely possible. I remember just about every rumor site had a mock up of what the new iPhone would look like, video camera and all. Personally  I didn’t see and still don’t really see the need to video chat with the iPhone. To me it seems as if it’s more of a novelty for the iPhone than anything truly useful. This may be in part why Apple hasn’t put a camera on the front. We all know though that Apple changes their mind from time to time, and apparently this patent is proof of that. Will we see this come to life on the next generation of the iPhone or any iPhone, I don’t know only time will tell. So let’s check out what this is about.

What The iPhone Needs; All In One Remote

April 15, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Welcome again to my semi regular, semi not regular at all forum where I just mainly blabber about what I think would be cool for the iPhone to have. Sometimes it’s very unrealistic sometimes it’s not, so just entertain me for a minute and see what you think. Today we’re going to talk about the possibilities of expanding the remote functions on the iPhone.

Post From Anywhere With Tumblr & The iPhone

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We all know that blogging has become so mainstream that anyone who is anyone has a blog. This holds even more true for Twitter. The president has a Twitter, among other people like Larry King and networks such as CNN, etc… In blogging one of the more powerful setups is a custom setup with WordPress. I’ve seen many incredible WordPress setups. I run many websites through WordPress myself, and it works amazingly. Heck even this site runs off of WordPress. It even has it’s own iPhone app to blog on the move. I use it to do live updates on my Ultimate Frisbee teams blog from tourneys. WordPress is super powerful and may be more than many users need. It can handle podcasts, images, feeds, twitter updates, etc… That much power is why recently I’ve moved to a new and interesting platform for my personal blogging needs, and we’re going to talk about it today. It goes by the name Tumblr and luckily it also comes with its own iPhone app and works quite well along side WordPress and Twitter.

Play Pocket God On Your iPhone

April 7, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Hello hello, we’re back from the weekend. I was at an ultimate tournament in Richmond, luckily I came out in 3rd place and very sore and sun burnt. I hope your weekend treated you as well as mine did. But before the weekend, during the week I had gone on an app frenzy. I often do when bored in class or at a rehearsal, I browse the app store trying to find something good. In fact one of my friends was browsing with me when we camp upon this gem. It’s been at the top of the app store for a while after it was featured. Seems to be some sort of trend, being featured pushes you to the top of the app store. One day I’ll release an app that does that. That is once I learn how to code…

Watch Live TV With Ustream

April 1, 2009 by Ryan Ray · 6 Comments 

Ustream, this application and the following website have been around for just a short while, but apparently they both are good enough to be used by millions of people. Even Barack Obama’s media team used ustream to broadcast his speeches across the campaign trail. Thanks to that is how I found out about ustream. Ustream started as just a website where people could sign up, then with any kind of camera stream their lives across the internet. Think of it as a LIVE YouTube. As LIVE tv is going on on ustream, the viewers can even login and chat with each other and the broadcaster.