Keep Up With TV From Your iPhone

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Thanksgiving has come and gone. The day of putting some new notches in our belts, thankfully we’ve all survived. Even that horrid after Thanksgiving “holiday” that we call Black Friday has passed. As a side note some shoppers need to get a grip and not trample employees or other people on the way to getting their sweet deal. Can you believe that someone was killed in a Walmart?!? We are all thankful for many things, including life and happiness. Not to mention the food we spoiled ourselves on. Of course we can’t forget the iPhone among the many devices we are ever so thankful for, can we?

Top 5 Websites Made For The iPhone

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Let me start by stating the obvious… the iPhone’s browser is a work of art and it rules the phone browsing world single handedly! We’ve all known since the day of the iPhone launch that this mobile version of Safari is incredible at bringing us the internet on such a small screen. Remember the now defunct Apple ad that stated the whole internet in your pocket? It really was true, until some people called it lying since flash isn’t available in the iPhone browser. On a side note I say flash can burn in hell, but that’s just me. I know many disagree with me on that, but that’s life hah. So with a slow data connection and the full internet in your pocket, we have the chance to view some awesome websites. Throw in the new user interface based on touches, swipes, and pinches, web developers had an awesome and new way to create websites ready for mobile devices.

iTunes & iPhone 2.2 First Reviews

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What a wonderful surprise to wake up to on a Friday. If you are as unaware as I was then listen up! Apple has released an update to iTunes bringing it to 8.0.2 last night. Also they then released the new iPhone 2.2 software shortly after midnight. Sadly for myself, and I’m sure many other students, I was busy working and doing homework. Luckily when I checked my Twitter updates this morning I read all of the people tweeting about the updates. For iTunes here are what they list as fixes;

iTunes 8.0.2 improves stability and performance and provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

What The iPhone Needs; iPod Library Ringtones

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Let’s pause for a second and think back to the dawn of ringtones. They first came about in Japan around 1996, where else did you expect them to come from? Ringtones were available in MIDI format and few were available on those first phones. Eventually came a phone were the user could input a custom composition and use that as their ringtone. The first downloadable ringtone service came from Finland in 1998 by a company called Harmonium which as we all know from there has spread like wildfire and ever increased the easy access and popularity of ringtones. The “Harmonium” contained both a way for people to make their own ringtone and then a delivery method over the SMS system we talked about last time.

3 Great iPhone Security Tips

November 14, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

You’re one of those people aren’t you? Obviously since you clicked to read this article. You read the title and immediately you freaked. You started breathing heavily, leaned to the edge of your chair, and put on your tinfoil hat. You HATE it when other people can pry into your information, particularly into your phone. All of your contacts are sitting there, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, pictures, just waiting for a hacker to take over them. Remember what’s happened to a few celebrities when their phones were hacked? In particular I remember Pete Wentz and Paris Hilton’s phones were easily exploited. Perhaps you have risky pictures on there as Mr. Wentz did, or maybe you have secret dates or emails other eyes shouldn’t see.

Speed Demons, Use Your iPhone To Escape.

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Yes, you have read correct. The title of this post is about helping you filthy speed demons escape from the cops you loath and hate. In reality cops are there for our good, they serve and protect, and lay their lives on the line to insure our cities are peaceful, safe places to live. At the same time they love to catch people speeding. They pull some dirty tricks on us just for the satisfaction of giving us a nice new ticket. Even just to reach their quota each month they’ll get you for going one over!! I guess those speed limit signs are there for our own good, but when those cops set speed traps up against us our iPhone can come to the rescue.

Need A Free iPhone? Enroll at Abilene

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What would you do if you were an incoming Freshman? Would you be freaking just a little bit? Many of us have been there twice, the first time in high school and once again in college. The first time is was enough for me, I had it rough haha. But get this, Abilene Christian University will be buying and providing every freshman with a new iPhone 3G or an iPod Touch. Just this year that happened to be 1,000 new students! How cool would that be to arrive and get the normal big stack of papers and your welcome t-shirts, only to toss those aside and rip into your newly issued iPhone 3G. That’s what I would be doing.

What The iPhone Needs; Mass SMS Deletion

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Let’s look at something today known as SMS messaging, or what we all call text messaging. First off, SMS simply means Short Message Service, and really that’s all it is. A short amount of text sent at a time between two people. There is nothing to more to say nor to explain to help you grasp the concept of SMS messaging. Needless to say text messaging has become one of the most popular ways to communicate in recent years. I think it even dwarfs the time we actually spend talking to each other on the phone. It’s also become one of the most profitable features for cell phone service providers to rake in the money on. In 2007 the SMS Industry, if we may call it that, brought in roughly 100 billion dollars. That statistic is insane! Atleast in my pea sized brain that is incredible. Apparently 1.8 billion people text and on average send 2.5 messages a day. I bet by this day in age in 2008 those figures have drastically increased. I used to send maybe 1 or 2 a day, but now it’s more close to me sending around 10-12 a day.