Just For Designers, Color Expert

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So your a designer, or at least you want to be…eventually right?! You sit through your classes about color, and it’s many theories. Color is just a reflection of light isn’t it? You’ve hopefully got your Macbook Pro or atleast an iMac. Afterall it’s so painfully obvious that if you want to be a designer you must pick up a computer made by Apple, then don’t forget CS4 that just came out. Alright so you think you are set, that is until you hear about this app for the iPhone called Color Expert. Now after I tell you great designers about this app you are going to have to go out and get an iPhone and a plan just to be up on top in the design world.

Two of The Best FREE Gas Finding Apps

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The joys of owning a car are tremendous. You feel a sense of freedom that nothing else gives you. At any moment you can take off for a road trip, gather up your things and just leave. Driving across the country seeing the beautiful countryside right by the road. With the right friends and the right season any kind of road trip will be incredible. But vehicles aren’t limited to just road trips, they provide us a way to get to work and make that all important money. They let us quickly travel across two hit up the newest Starbucks. They let us take a beautiful girl out to dinner. They let us… well you get my drift right?

Apple iPhone Pwning Blackberry

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The title of this post of celebration is totally true. Although it sounds like bait to come get you to read this, the reality is that Apple has beat RIM at it’s own game. If you are unaware of what RIM is let me help you out real quick. RIM, which stands for Research In Motion, is the maker of the Blackberry. Up to now the World’s most popular smartphone. It was the first phone to make head roads into the enterprise, quickly gaining its spot on the top of the business world as the phone to use. Now RIM also provides the data push support, that makes things such as email, contacts, calendars, etc.. to be updated immediately as it is pushed from their servers to your Blackberry. RIM also provides a server called Blackberry Connect which lets other smartphones like the Palm Treo use their push services. Like I mentioned RIM was sitting pretty at number 3 in the most phones sold, until this quarter where Apple has outshined them with the iPhone. Here are some hard numbers to back up the claim that the iPhone is PWNING the Blackberry…


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I’ve got another crazy app review coming straight for you today. This one was requested through YouTube, and many thanks to “thehellsyeah123″ for requesting a review of this app. He or she is a soon to be iPhone owner and wanted to see this app called Constitution reviewed. Of course I’ll gladly help out a fellow iPhone nut so I went out and grabbed this free app and gave it a run through so I can then show you all what this bad boy is all about. Also I’d love to take requests for things you want to see on this website. Name anything and I’ll try to get it done. It can be reviews, features, tricks, secrets, videos, etc… just feel free to ask for something you want to see, after all I am here to serve you. You guys who come to the site and read my ramblings are awesome so the least I could do is something custom ordered from you.

The iPhone In Highschool & College vs. Business

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First, let me ask a question. Do you think the iPhone is more of a “business” phone, or is it more of a “consumer” phone? For instance would you expect to see more Highschool & College students carrying one around or more suits from the office carrying one in their breast pocket? I know when the iPhone was first released it had no business implications at all really. The things that Blackberry users expect from their phones was not available to them if they wanted to switch to the iPhone. They had no Exchange support for many many corporations use Exchange as their email servers. There was no PUSH support where they could easily have everything like email, calendar, contacts immediately available to them.

i.TV, The Best TV Guide For The iPhone

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Happy Monday to all of you caarrazzzy iPhone nuts out there in the world. Things are exciting this week in the land of Apple. Supposedly tomorrow we have some major announcements awaiting us along the lines of COMPLETELY revamped notebooks. Something I could get very excited about as well as many others. But let’s not forget about our lovable, dear iPhone while we are waiting for these new notebooks. What I want to share with you today I’m sure many of use will benefit from. It’s a sweet TV guide for your iPhone!

What is

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Everyone gather ’round. I’ve got a neat secret to tell you about. It’s one of the coolest new websites out there for the iPhone. Of course that is only after your very own, right?! I mean where else would you find awesome reviews on the iPhone? I had this thought the other day as I st in class and tried not to doze off… What if there were a website that let us know when apps have been updated, even apps you don’t own. Then what if it listed what those fixes were? What if this said website let you know if the price changed on the app? Just say and app went from 1.99 to FREE! Or was having some kind of promotion where it was only FREE for that week. Well it’s my joy to tell you there are no what ifs for a website like this, there is one out there! This website is a new, little, gem that the world famous Arn from has started up. So hurry up and fire up your favorite browser and check out, one of the coolest things I’ve found lately for us iPhone lovers.

Push Support Got Lost, But Where?

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Let me first simply pose this question… WHERE IS MY DANG PUSH SUPPORT!?

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about this. I mean really the promise that we would have push support on our iPhone’s by September has gone awry. Honestly I am a little dissapointed, but as I look back I should be used to this from the wonderful iPhone creator Apple. A lot of dates have been pushed back due to this iPhone. Even the release of the original iPhone caused Leopard to be delayed. So really I guess I should come to expect this, but should I put up with it?

Flickr Gets Up To Bat With The iPhone

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FINALLY!! I’ve been waiting for this for soo long. I knew a day would come when Flickr would get it’s act together and make friends with the iPhone. I’m just one of the avid users of Flickr, if you couldn’t tell from my excitement, among the millions of other people who love Flickr so dearly. So with that said Flickr and/or iPhone users can rejoice! It’s a day where the birds are chirping and all is right in the world. Flickr has released a mobile version of their site that is optimized for the iPhone. Using AJAX they’ve released a very slick version of Flickr, it follows the lead of the Facebook mobile site which isn’t a bad thing. Simply point your iPhone browser over to and log in! Once logged in you’ll be greeted with a familiar interface. A wonderful tabbed sort of browsing experience, as you can tell by this wonderful picture below from

Facebook Version 2.0

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Today the iPhone world just got a little sweeter. Can you guess how that would ever happen? I know all of our money is in trouble, but thanks to Facebook us iPhone/iPod Touch users have a reason to get up in the morning. Mark Zuckerburg and friends have put out a fantastic update to the native iPhone Facebook application. I’m labeling it Facebook 2.0. Do you remember the specific Facebook for iPhone website? It was wonderful, and one of the first of it’s kind. At that point in time no one else had really put out an iPhone specific website. It really did show off the power of the iPhone’s web browser. I mean if you look at CNN’s mobile site (since they don’t have one just for the iPhone), it’s weak compared to how well Facebook pulled their website off just for the iPhone.