The New “Copy & Paste” In iPhone 2.2

September 29, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

This just in, Apple is reinventing copy and paste. They really are, but it’s been in front of us all of this time. I don’t know why none of us thought of this way to do it, but it’s a legit way to copy and paste. It also explains everything such as… Why hasn’t Apple given us copy and paste? What is taking Apple so long to do this? They did it perfect on the Newton, just bring it to the iPhone!  All of our frustration is about to be layed to rest, atleast I hope so.

iPhone vs. Android, The Ultimate Smart Phone.

September 25, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

There’s no doubt that if you are aware of this iPhone site, then you know about Google’s iPhone killer named Android. Android isn’t a phone made by Google, contrary to what some people think. Android is a phone operating system that Google is releasing for any phone that wants to adopt it. Similar to Windows Mobile phones, we make the software you make the phone. Compared to Apple’s view as making the hardware and software for each other. It seems such a weird position for Google to take as they are a main player in the iPhone world, but apparently they want to have their own phone as well. As Google has revealed their first Android phone on a T-mobile G1 I want to discuss their differences and let you all decide which one you like better. Personally I will get my bias out of the way right now, I am sticking with the iPhone… There I said it, so now let’s see what Android brings to the table.

Share Documents Wirelessly With Your iPhone, It’s Real!

September 23, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Today I’ve got a neat little gem of an app to share with you guys. It goes by the name of Air Sharing, somehow I got it free of charge but as I look today it will cost you $6.99. So with it’s name can you guess what this will let you do. I can’t even believe this app was approved by Apple, as it seems they are so against using the iPhone as a storage device beyond what they deem acceptable. Anyway we all are aware that our iPhones have flash memory in them. The flash memory is a simple, non moving, solid state storage device that allows us to put all of our music, contacts, calendars, etc… onto our iPhones. Mine comes with 8GB in it, but many of you opted to double that and get the 16GB storage on your iPhones. So this begs the question… Why can’t we use our iPhones as some sort of flash drive to store things besides what iTunes lets us?

What’s Really In Your iPhone?

September 22, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

On the outside our iPhones are one of the sexiest devices ever created. Apple is one of the best companies out there at creating devices that we all lust after, if not only for how they look. It is definitely a cool factor. Despite Apple coding brilliant software, their head designer Jon Ives leads a team that builds gorgeous cases for all of that technology. I remember the first time I opened up the insides of an iMac G5 to upgrade the RAM and was taken back. I was so used to dust filled boxes with wires just hanging everywhere and nothing really located with a purpose. The inside of this iMac was meticulously sculpted out. Every chip and circuit board had a purpose. The funny thing was the insides were created in a way to maximize airflow through the computer to keep it cool. This might sound geeky but I was amazed at the work it must have took to get it like that. Despite the outside of the iMac being one of the greatest creations of all time, it’s insides were just as good. 

Who’s Got The News? NYT or AP?

September 19, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Let me start by asking you a question… How often do you keep up with the news? For many of us we don’t know enough of what’s happening in our world. I am VERY guilty of this myself. I get so caught up in my own life that it’s pathetic. What’s new in the Presedential race? What are they saying about Palin now? Why did gas just go up $70? When will College be free? I wonder at times if I get too involved with things of myself to pay attention to people and the world. So what does this have to do with the iPhone? Everything really, there are two great apps out there that I use to help myself stay up to date with the world. And believe me if I say that if I as a college student taking 17 hours and working two jobs can somewhat read the news, then anyone can.

Apple’s Double Standard App Store?

September 16, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

We all love the iTunes App store. I’ve said this many times before I know, but no other cell phone nor software platform has this wonderful kind of central location to get some great software. But have you heard of the apps that Apple is rejecting? Apple has been placed in an interesting situation lately with the newest app store debacle. Apparently to many developers it seems as if Apple is picking and choosing apps they want to be in the store and don’t want to be there instead of following their own terms. Apple’s agreement says your app can’t replicate a function already on the iPhone without 3rd party apps. For instance, and I say this supposedly, you can’t develop a calculator app to rival Apple’s one already there. A little silly? I think so, but these are Apple’s iPhone Laws.

What The iPhone Needs; 2.2 Must Haves

September 14, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

Alright, I’m back for a second entry into this semi-series of me ranting about what I want in the next iPhone patch/update/fix. Like I said before, it’s really just a spot for me to rant about a device that does everything wonderfully but still lacks a few things. I know we all want to forever praise the iPhone, it really is that good of a phone, but then if we really open our eyes there are issues that Apple needs to address and/or fix to make this phone even better than the competition. Last time we talked about voicemail status like aim statuses, so today I want to talk about what should come in the 2.2 software update. I know 2.1 just came out not even three days ago. So don’t jump down my throat just yet. There are still features we are all clamoring for, and we all know it. Here is what I want in 2.2

iPhone 2.1 Is Here! Where Is Push Support?

September 13, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Friday finally came and as you all know, or I hope you knew, Apple did release the new 2.1 software for the iPhone. The iPod Touch got the software first when it was updated this last Tuesday at their “Let’s Rock” event. It was obvious that it had to come to the iPhone, and Steve Jobs said it would be coming but on Friday. True to his word the update came, people installed it, and nothing was of big news except the EDGE and 3G logo had changed. Wahooo right? So what did this update really entail, and why are people a little let down? Let’s sit in a circle and talk about it, shall we.

The Best IM iPhone Apps Ever!

September 11, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

We’ve all been clamoring for some form of IM on our iPhones. If you didn’t know, IM stands for Instant Messaging. Many services offer their own “unique” version of IM, but none have rivaled AIM’s popularity. In fact I used to have accounts everywhere, even on MSN! Now I am exclusive to AIM, it’s the easiest to use and most widely available. I know this may be the only 3 IM applications for the iPhone out there, but each one does it’s task very well. Doing so it makes it hard to choose one to stick to. I hate having three IM apps on my iPhone, it’s the same thing for me with Twitter. I found my favorite and stuck to it. So now I’m out to try and find my favorite IM application. Here’s number one!

Turn By Turn, Coming To The iPhone Today

September 9, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

If you have been living under a rock the last few weeks then please do yourself a favor and get out more. Really your life could be so much better out from under that dang rock. But once out from under that rock you’ll want to know about the exciting news that is happening TODAY. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then let me say there is an Apple Event TODAY! It’s true this Tuesday as in TODAY, Apple will be holding an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Starting at 9 a.m. Pacific, and we should start hearing word of new iPods shortly after it starts. The event has been titled “Let’s Rock,” and thanks to sites like and others for making that possible, by putting some insiders in the event they will be sending out updates over their Twitter feed. Make sure to check that out.

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