White iPhones Are Cracking, Or Are They Hatching?

July 31, 2008 by Ryan Ray · Leave a Comment 

After all of this time we thought our iPhone 3G’s were perfect. The darling, little angel of the cell phone industry. They can do no wrong, after all they do everything we could possibly imagine. I got rid of my razor (for my face not Motorolla’s), my alarm clock, even my now defunct stun gun knowing that the iPhone does it all without issues. Well now dreams are being shattered and we are all coming back to reality. Cloud 9 seems to now be cloud 2 for me… Why do I say this at a time like this? Right after the sort of successful iPhone 3G launch? I’m pointing this out as it looks like the first batch of white iPhones are developing cracks in their case. Don’t believe me then just check out the picture…

iPhone 3G Gripes

July 31, 2008 by Derek Walter · Leave a Comment 

The luster is starting to wear off the shiny glass of the iPhone 3G. Forums and general discussion among 3G owners center on a number of gripes about battery drain, buggy programs, and other usability concerns.

Probably the biggest complaint  is battery life. Yes, it is manageable if you are willing to invest in a car charger and keep the USB one  with you all day for charging sessions at home, work, or that outlet next next to the fourth seat in the third row in class. But it is a pain. While there are some tips for making your battery last, it is one extra layer of managing the device that some might not be willing to make. This hits the hardest at Apple’s attempt to market the iPhone for business. Mobile professionals don’t want to fuss over battery life. And since you can’t pop out and slap in a replacement battery (thanks Apple) some may just pass.

Best iPhone Business Apps

July 31, 2008 by Derek Walter · 1 Comment 

Give your iPhone a suit and briefcase. Apple’s current ad campaign plays up the iPhone’s business abilities. With support for push email via Microsoft Exchange, syncing contacts, calendars, and email; and a swath of business-friendly applications from third-party developers, the iPhone could be the tool of choice for those who want their iPhone for work. But can you really ditch your BlackBerry? Let’s take a look.

Why The iPhone?!

July 30, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 2 Comments 

Everyone all over the entire world knows of the elusive iPhone. Few have been lucky enough to touch one, let alone own the slick device. Count me as the proud papa of the iPhone 3G, but what is it that brings us to lust for this device? Could it be that it’s made by Apple, the world’s best computer/device company in the world? Perhaps it’s because it’s got a huge touch screen? Something we’ve never seen before on the our phones. What I want to know is, why is a device like this such a huge success all over the world? Well, let me tell you why I bought this phone, then it’s your turn to leave a comment and tell me why your got one, or why you didn’t get one….yet!

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

July 28, 2008 by Derek Walter · 1 Comment 

The Apple App Store has made the iPhone 3G an especially compelling device. Yet with so many to choose from, where does one begin? Well, “free” is a good place to start. While there are some apps worth forking over money for, there are plenty great freebies. Here are the top 10 according to iPhone Nuts:

Buying an iPhone 3G gets a little easier

July 28, 2008 by Emily Price · Leave a Comment 

Getting an iPhone 3G got a little easier this weekend:

If you’re still waiting to pick up your iPhone 3G, then the Apple store may be making your job a little easier.

According to an announcement on the iPhone availability page on Apple’s website, some Apple stores that typically open at 10am will now open at 8am to accommodate for iPhone customers. The stores are also reportedly adding new staff to deal with the demand for the phones. Since all iPhones have to be activated in the store iPhone lines are often several hours long, additional staff and hours should help to ease that strain at the stores at least a little bit.

iPhone 2.1 Software Update Rumors

July 27, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 7 Comments 

If you haven’t heard yet Apple is already cooking the 2.1 software update for the iPhone. There are a few rumors to cover that have been unearthed in the code, but first let me assure you they are also working on the current software version 2.0. They need to make various bug fixes in a smaller 2.0.1 release first so don’t worry. I know when I heard they were working on a 2.1 I had wondered how we could go from 2.0 to 2.1 so quickly. Well I don’t believe we are going that quick. The rumor is this update will come in September along with the application push services. Atleast that’s what Apple has said, they plan on releasing the application push services in September. So obviously by then they have to have this 2.1 update out.

iPhone 2.0 Software Tricks

July 26, 2008 by Ryan Ray · 1 Comment 

I know by now we’ve all gotten used to the new software and the major new features that came along with it. Push support for Microsoft Exchange, the App store, GPS for the 3G owners, etc… Those are all great to have, but has anyone ever told you it’s the little things that matter? It’s true, the little things really do matter (atleast to me) so I wanted to share with you all of the new tricks that have slipped under the radar and gone unnoticed in the new iPhone software. So grab your iPhone and get ready to learn a few new things to help increase your productivity.

Tame the iPhone 3G Energy Hog – Improve Battery Life

July 25, 2008 by Derek Walter · Leave a Comment 

Your iPhone is addictive. But all that web surfing, music playing, and YouTube videos can suck your battery dry. So learning to manage your iPhone’s battery life is critical if you are going to enjoy your iPhone experience. This way your phone won’t die in the middle of a conversation with someone you have been waiting to have for a month. And of course you can’t remove the battery to swap it out, so you might as well love the one you have and treat it well.

If you find yourself getting a screen like this too often, it’s time to consider some changes:

Apple Launches Beta Testing for App Store Developers

July 25, 2008 by Emily Price · 1 Comment 

Apple’s App Store was one of the major improvements in the 2.0 software upgrade. Since the launch of the store users have been downloading games and other apps nearly non-stop with the total number of application downloads now reaching well into the millions.

One behind the scene aspect of the App Store that a general user might not realize, is that each one of the 909 applications currently available on the iPhone was first be approved by Apple before it becomes a part of the store. That means that new applications often have a pretty tremendous wait time to get approved before they actually make it into the App Store ready for users to download.

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